A review of the Suncast GS8000 Garden Shed Great Shed / Bad Warranty

Jun 3, 2010 (Updated Jun 3, 2010)
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Pros:Attractive, good value for the price.

Cons:Virtually non-existent warranty

The Bottom Line: If you can live with the lack of warranty coverage then this may be worth considering.

It seems that the longer you own a home the more tools and equipment you acquire to help in maintaining it and to keep it looking nice. After seven years here I was starting to realize that I was beginning to use my garage as a catch all for various tools and equipment not to mention our lawn furniture in the off seasons and that over time the clutter (especially in the winter) was threatening to push my car out into the driveway.

So after a bit of thought I decided that it was time to look into adding a bit more storage on the property and after the success I have had with the Suncast GS4000 shed, the larger GS8000 seemed like an excellent choice.

What is it?

The Suncast GS8000 is a plastic (resin) garden shed which when assembled measures 65" (d) x 66" (w) x 83 (h) and provides roughly 138 cubic feet of interior storage. The shed comes unassembled in two boxes weighing about 180 pounds total and requires roughly one and a half hours to assemble. Due to the weight of the package I had a friend help me in transporting and assembling the shed. The assembly process was fairly straightforward and we encountered no real difficulty in following the instructions. Once assembled, the shed has an interior space of 60" (w) x 54" (d) by 74" (h) and has proven sufficient in size for storing all of our patio chairs, power tools, lawn mower and pressure washer. The shed has a double door system which can be secured by either the sliding bolts at the top and base of the outer door or by using a padlock with the clasps built into the doors.

How well has it worked for us?

Well at this point we have only had this shed for a little over a week but so far it has done an excellent job of helping me to get my yard and garage a bit more organized than before. The added space was exactly what we needed. It has held up through two fairly impressive bits of bad weather with no leaks or other issues.

Some things you should know about the GS8000

~ Due to the size of the shed you really have to place it on a level surface or the pieces will not assemble correctly not to mention the problems you may encounter with long term stability for the shed. Before purchasing the GS8000 you should scout out your property to find the best roughly 6'x6' site that you can for it to be built upon and do everything that you can to prep the area by making sure that it is as flat and level as possible.

~ If you are planning on building the shed on open ground rather than on an existing foundation or patio then there are optional instructions to use 2x4s and galvanized 12" nails (purchased separately) to help provide greater stability to the floor and to the overall structure. I strongly advise you to take the additional 20-30 minutes required and add these items into the build. For about $15 extra in materials this adds a considerable amount of extra strength to the floor of the shed along with a fair amount of additional weight and bracing to help the GS8000 resist high winds. Just be sure to purchase pressure treated 2x4s as untreated lumber will quickly deteriorate when placed in sustained contact with the ground.

~ Be very careful to read the instructions completely and to lay out all of the various pieces prior to assembling the shed to insure that everything is assembled in the correct order. The different sections of the shed snap together and lock in place and once assembled it is difficult to pull them apart if you need to correct some mistake due to misplacement or having assembled them out of order.

~ While the doors of the GS8000 come with a built in latch for attaching a padlock, since this latch (as well as the shed itself) is made of plastic I would by no means consider the shed to be secure from burglary with such an arrangement. As such, I do not recommend that you use the shed to store expensive items if your yard is not otherwise secure.  

~ The boxes that this shed come in are fairly large. So large that I was unable to fit both of them into my SUV (a 2000 Ford Expedition) which forced me to make two trips to the store to get the GS8000 home. However, the whole thing should be able to be transported in a single trip using an open bed pick-up truck or small trailer.

~ While you may be able to assemble most of the shed on your own, I do recommend that due to the weight and awkward nature of how the ceiling is installed that you have someone available to help you with that part of the assembly.

~ There are numerous accessories available for the GS8000 (shelves, ceiling mounted storage baskets, etc.) which can be purchased at additional costs. I do not own any of these so I cannot comment directly on the quality/usefulness of such items but I do feel that it is nice that such options are available for those who may need them.


Here is really the only complaint that I have regarding the GS8000. The warranty as written in the owner's manual reads:

Suncast Corporation warrants the original purchaser only that the enclosed product is free from material and workmanship defects under normal, household use at the time of purchase.

Basically this means that the product is only guaranteed up to the point of its assembly and that once you have the shed built that any problems which occur after this point, are not covered.

At all.

So essentially you are on your own if anything happens to it after the first day that you own it which is pretty poor coverage especially for an item which generally costs between $400-600. However, as we have previously had a very good experience with the Suncast GS4000 shed I was willing to go ahead on this purchase and hope that the GS8000 holds up as well. My advice to you though is that if you notice anything even a little off about the shed or its assembly that you call the 1-800 number in the manual immediately to document the potential problem and/or request any replacement parts.


Overall I am very happy with this purchase as the shed has lived up to or exceeded all of my expectations. My yard is more organized and my garage a bit less cluttered due to this purchase. If you go into owning the GS8000 with your eyes wide open and with a complete understanding of the severe limitations of its almost non-existent warranty then this shed may be worth looking into.


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