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Jun 8, 2010
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Pros:Excellent Picture Quality, Good Value, Stylish, Energy Efficient, Bright Screen, Intuitive, Internet services, Low Glare

Cons:No Wi-Fi

The Bottom Line: Great buy.  Excellent picture quality for a great value.  Amazing TV with all the major features you'd want.

When looking at picture quality and feature set, everything pointed me to the Samsung models.  The picture quality in various stores simply stood out to me over the Sony's, Vizio's, and various others.
The extremely crisp and vibrant picture of the Samsungs made it so I didn't even notice the difference of the 'LED-backlights' or 240hz to warrant the big price difference.

Since I was settled on Samsung LCD, choosing size and model came down to value and size of room.  In my case, I could have gone with a larger size, but felt 46 inch was sufficient.
Secondly I looked at the feature set in general, and this model being a new 2010 model has twice the contrast ratio (150,000:1) over some of last year's models, and so the quality there won out for me for a marginal price increase.

This review probably applies to many in this family line.

Picture quality:  AMAZING.    Fell in love with it immediately.
   - non-HD content auto-fit the screen gracefully and looks fine
Frame-rate:  Clear-motion  works very well, NBA playoffs are amazing.  It makes lots of HD content almost look too real (unnatural) -- so typically turn it off for TV shows.   It's an easy setting to adjust.
Sound: Very good, has SRS Theatersound
Design:  It has very clean lines and the 'Touch of Color' is very subtle.  One of the nicest looking screens on the market, hands down. 
Ease-of-use:  I never even had to read the manual it's so intuitive.  Only read a section 2 weeks later when really digging into setup to be certain of something.
Overall features:  Couldn't think of one important one it's missing.

Internet@TV vs model without?
I settled on this this specific model, because I did want the 'Internet@TV' widgets built-in to the TV, although you can get that in various blu-ray players and game consoles.  

So the internet connectivity decision really depends if you already have a device with it or not.   Using cool apps like Pandora and Netflix has really proven to make the TV experience much richer than had I not had it built right in.

Cons?  Had to dig deep to find any.
if Wi-Fi is important to you vs. ethernet port, i'd say that is one negative for a 2010 model.   I was fine with this for my configuration, and it's fairly easy to add Wi-Fi to an ethernet port if you really want to add it later.

Another minor other con I can think of, is that PiP (picture in picture) was not something I was able to configure immediately.  I also have no real use for this feature, so haven't even bothered getting it working.  I mention this though, because a co-worker with the LN46B650 said the same thing only about this feature.

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