crocheting and quilting for profit

Dec 11, 2007

The Bottom Line I wouldn't try to make a living off of selling quilted and/or crocheted things, but they can be fun to make

Not many people know how to crochet or quilt anymore, but it seems that everyone wants a quilt or something crocheted.

This can be a lucrative business-especially the quilts. This business is usually taken up by women who love to crochet or quilt. And quilting is definitely the more profitable of the two.

Those who choose to crochet for profit really love to crochet. Crocheted items sell for very little considering the time and effort it takes to make anything. Scarves, shawls, and ponchos are what make the most profit.

Blankets only get you a couple of dollars more than what you paid for the materials. I make the blankets for myself and when I get too many to store them any more, I sell them to make room for my next creation. I only keep making them to always keep changing things around.

It takes me about 60 hours to make one of my blankets. They are usually very complicated patterns. If I were to charge minimum wage for each hour I worked on the blankets, plus the cost of my materials, I would charge $330 for every blanket. I cannot seem to sell them for anymore than $40-$80 each, usually closer to $40.

It takes me 2 to 3 hours to make a scarf. I can sell the scarf for $10- $15. I like to make the ponchos.I can make $30 for each poncho. I make about $20 for each shawl after expenses are deducted. Everything else gets a profit of between $2-$10 depending on many factors.

Quilts are a different story. Like I do with crochet, I make quilts in different sizes from baby to queen size. Quilts have a higher profit-margin than crocheting does.
My average baby quilt takes me 5 hours to make. It takes at most $15 in material depending on what materials I use. I can sell a baby quilt for $25 easy.

My average twin-size quilt takes about 17 hours to make. It takes about $35 in materials depending on what I use. And I can sell a twin for $60 with no trouble.

Full-size and queen-size quilts are the most expensive-and most wanted. It takes me a full 24 hours or more to make one of these. they usually take about $45-$55 in material. The starting price for these is $120. I could probably get a little more.

The quilts that everyone wants are known as crazy or patchwork quilts. These quilts are put together with scraps of fabric in no particular pattern. These can be sold for slightly more than their patterned counterparts.

I love making quilts and crocheted blankets, it's my favorite pastime besides writing. I really love to get paid to do both!

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