Coby Digital Media Player: The Source of Satisfaction During Any Activity

Jun 25, 2010
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Pros:The MP3 player is lightweight, relatively inexpensive, it also plays songs, videos, radio and records.

Cons:It takes a little long to find songs or videos because the consumer can't scroll

The Bottom Line: I definitely recommend this MP3 player to anyone but it is especially useful for any athlete since it is lightweight and simple.

People usually ask, does this MP3 player really work as good as it looks?The answer is YES! The Coby MP3 player is very easy to use and it looks very stylish. I own this MP3 player and bought it off of, a very reliable and well known website. Video, songs, AM and FM radio, and recorder, what more does a consumer want out of an MP3 player. It usually costs around $50 and beats buying a $150 ipod. The product comes with a charger which can be plugged into a desktop or laptop and a 3-bar system is used to show the consumer exactly how much battery they have left (The charge lasts around 4 to 5 hours). 
Also, there are two ways to transfer songs onto the MP3 player. The first way is to bring up Windows Media Player, transfer songs and "sync." The second way is to bring up the Coby Media Manager and transfer songs, videos, etc. and "sync." This is the easiest way to transfer songs that I have ever come across. The volume is on a 0-20 scale and offers the listener great sounding media with simple use, press up or down on the directional pad. If you are not satisfied with the Coby MP3 player, you have not fully experienced this great MP3 player. If you are in need of a light weight, simple MP3 player consider purchasing a Coby MP3 player.

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