Electrolux sales rely upon past reputation - Buyer Beware

Jul 4, 2010
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Pros:The unit looks good.

Cons:Dangerous, poor quality, poor value.

The Bottom Line: Run from Electrolux!

We bought the Electrolux EG36GC55GS1 36” gas range top, along with the Electrolux EW30EW65GS3 30” double convection oven. Both were installed in our new construction home. Both were purchased based upon the Electrolux / Husqvarna reputation, and the very positive past experiences we had with Husqvarna guns, motorcycles, sewing machines and a few Electrolux items too. Unfortunately, we found the past reputation did not carry forth to this new generation of Electrolux Frigidaire appliances. Our first hint of shoddy goods came when the ball bearing slides on the oven grilles fell apart. This occurred within 15 minutes upon installing the $3000 unit. Electrolux customer service was great, and they promptly sent a new oven grille set. Second heads up occurred two months later when the LED readout on the oven failed. The unit had NEVER even been used yet…again customer service was great and a new circuit board was installed on the $3000 oven. Now to the point… the Electrolux EG36GC55GS1 36” gas range top never was up to par. The flame air mixture cannot be manually adjusted, and a very poor yellow tipped flame occurred on three out of the five burners. Ignition was poor, especially on the center burner. Knobs can be turned “too far” thus rendering incorrect position relative to gas flame intensity. This unit was not abused…its just the two of us…semi retired professionals in a seven figure new home…and we’ve cooked with gas for over 40 years. I called Electrolux to complain about the poor flame characteristics, and was told of dirt in gas line, salt in air (we live in the Midwest), incorrect gas pressure and sundry other excuses. The gas line was virtually new, no salt here, pressure checked with manometer by myself and gas company…all was in line. We decided to live with the $1200 gas top’s limitation. Six months later, while cooking on the two left burners of the Electrolux EG36GC55GS1 range, my wife turned on the center burner. I was standing about 3 feet from her. Hot oil was in a pan on one of the already lit burners. About 5 seconds after turning on the center burner, a violent explosion occurred. The explosion blew up the center burner, blew all three cast iron grates off the unit, blew the left front burner off of the unit, and blew the entire stainless steel nacelle off of the granite counter top. All five control knobs blew off and across the kitchen. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but our confidence in Electrolux reached a new low. I called Electrolux customer service, who suggested a designated Electrolux repair technician “fix the unit”. He showed up, and after thoroughly looking things over, called another Electrolux service technician who strongly advised to “do nothing” and to “replace the unit”. The Electrolux home office technician issued a Replacement Claim number, and then transferred our on-site technician over to a Electrolux customer service representative. The Electrolux rep stated she could not replace the unit…and to make a long story short, caved in only upon me getting on the phone and wishing to speak to a manager to discuss potential liability issues and other potential legal avenues. We now have a new Electrolux EG36GC55GS1 range. It took almost SEVEN WEEKS and TEN PHONE CALLS to Electrolux to get results. Every Electrolux service rep was genuine and courteous – but no unit was ever shipped. Finally, the dealer from whom we bought the unit gave us a new unit, despite him not receiving the replacement unit promised by several Electrolux customer service representatives. The new unit is just as shoddy as the blown up unit. It is actually been made more cheaply with smaller burner covers, no burner nacelles, and certainly no way to adjust the gas air mixture to result in good blue flames. The central burner still does not light correctly either – the piezo-electric lighter clicks anywhere from ten to fifty times before that central burner will light. Very scary…we will always use that central burner with EXTREME caution. I’m presently looking for a new drop in gas range top to fit the custom cut-out in our new granite counter top. As for Frigidaire / Electrolux / Husqvarna – that’s it for me…never again…and I’m telling anyone who will listen.

btw, I'm generally not categorized as a complainer.  Most of my past reviews are positive and complimentary...just had a difficult time conjuring anything positive about this whole Electrolux experience.

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