A Biodegradable Pen from PaperMate -- Now that's great news!

Jul 9, 2010
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Pros:biodegradable components, refillable, dark ink, finger grip, sturdy pen clicker

Cons:pen is a bit wide

The Bottom Line: PaperMate did well creating this biodegradable pen.  It's not perfect, but the concept is great.

I try to be as Earth-friendly as possible.  Imagine my delight when I found this PaperMate Biodegradable Ball Point Pen


This click pen mimics the colors of nature with its celery green and wheat tinted body.  It measures 5 1/2" long x 1/2" wide.  There is a "rubberized" finger grip about 1 1/2" long. The ink color of this pen is black, and the tip is medium (1.0mm).  The clicker at the top of the pen is black to indicate the ink color.  This pen also has a plastic pocket clip.

What makes this pen biodegradable are its components.  This pen is made from corn-based materials.  PaperMate says the pen can breakdown in soil or compost in about a year.  Not all of the pen parts are biodegradable, though, and instructions on how to disassemble the pen for disposal are included.

Ink colors include: black, blue and red.  This pen is refillable.  A matching mechanical pencil can also be purchased.

My Experiences

I was so happy to use this pen.  The concept of a biodegradable pen is wonderful.  Just twist the pen open to reveal the ink cartridge.  It has a spring at the bottom, near the pen tip.  Plus, there are two plastic pieces that fit together to form the clicking mechanism that moves the point in and out of the pen body.

This pen writes well, too.  The black ink is dark and shows up well against the page.  When writing, the ink does not skip or blot.  Written lines are consistent.  I can also take a yellow highlighter and write with it over the pen ink (and the pen ink does not smear).  I did notice that the pen ink will skip if you are trying to write vertically.  I was trying to make a list the other day, tablet held vertically while writing with this pen, and some of the pen strokes were inconsistent.

I like that this pen is lightweight.  Yet, despite its lightness, the pen has a solid feel to it.  The "rubberized" finger grip is great, anchoring my fingers in position so that they don't slip on the barrel.  The overall look of the pen is clean and, for a plastic pen, attractive. In case you are wondering, the clicker on the pen has good motion.  It does make noise, but it is not as obnoxious as some pen clickers I have been subjected too.

My only complaint about this pen is its width.  The finger grip portion is 1/2" wide.  That pen width is just a bit too much for a comfortable finger grip (for me).  I find that my hand doesn't rest as comfortable as it should.  As a consequence, my writing is not as neat as when I write with other pens.


Staples.com sells a dozen of these pens for $16.49, which equals $1.38 a pen.


I like the concept of this PaperMate Biodegradable Pen.  Many of its components will breakdown in the soil, creating less landfill - and excellent idea.  The pen also writes very well and is refillable.  However, the width of the pen isn't a perfect match for me.  Still, I'm rating this one above average.  Give it a trial run and see if this is the pen for you.

I hope you found this review useful.

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