do not buy a kitchenaid refrigerator

Jul 11, 2010
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Pros:Good water dispenser and it makes makes pretty good chopped (not crushed) ice.

Cons:Bad design features for maintenance and repair make this a no-go for me.

The Bottom Line: Be very critical when buying an appliance.. think about maintenance...get the full story.

This KA unit came with our new home (now eight years old) ... we were very impressed with the brand name and thought it was all we could hope for... NOT.
After eight years I have several observations a a negative recommendation to not buy a kitchenaid.  I understand that Kitchenaid has been sold out and that Whirpool now makes kitchen aid products.  My complaints are on two levels... 1)ease or thought given to design of maintenance features and 2) performance.
As to #1, maintenance.  I must lay on my belly to change a water filter,  and the filter is so special as to be 2 to 3x the cost of others not to mention difficult to find (finally found a lesser but still expensive generic.) KA reinvented the ice maker so as to make a repair more expensive than more common refrigerators... I am going to convert mine to a generic Whirlpool setup. And, oh-ya... kudos to the engineer who placed the cooling coils tightly on the bottom facing the horizontal plane such that I can only vacuum the front side of the front row of coils ( no rear or side access.)  ...perhaps this explains #2 the unit does not hold consistent temperatures... I have a thermometer in both sides... it fluctuates a lot... could it be the years of accumulated crud that is packed on the coils?  Personally I think it is more than just that.

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