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Jul 12, 2010
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Pros:Very portable. You can think of so many uses.

Cons:You'll also scan the surface on which a small document is placed.

The Bottom Line: It's simply great. I would absolutely recommend this.

DETAILED PROS - First, it's very portable and just runs on batteries. It can accept micro SD cards up to 32GB (which is really very big, it's like having an archive of documents with you). Second is you can always think of uses for this product. I primarily use it to scan documents from school such as assignments, projects, quizzes, and other stuff. It also does wonders in the library because there are certain books that I can't checkout such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, etc. and I just scan it and I'll save on photocopy costs (sometimes other books can't even be photocopied because they're too thick). I also use it to scan other documents such as certificates and receipts just for me to have a duplicate copy. The really good thing about this type of scanner is that you just hover it over the document. Traditional flatbed scanners really can't scan very thick books but with the Magic Wand, it's very easy. It also has a great advantage over feed-type scanners which can only scan single page documents.
DETAILED CONS - There is really just one thing that I consider as a con with this product. It's the fact that when you can a document that's smaller than an A4 size paper, you'll also scan the surface on which the document is placed. For example if you scan an ID placed on a wooden table, the scanner will scan the ID together with the wooden surface on which it was placed. And you'll not experience this on flatbed scanners which automatically recognizes only the document being scanned since you're not really placing it on any surface, just on the flatbed's glass part. But I was able to remedy this by placing all documents that I scan on a white illustration board. Although the scanner doesn't really recognize the document you really want to scan from the illustration board, it looks cleaner. But still, I can just remove the white part on my scans later on although it may take some effort.
Please note also that using this product takes a bit of practice because you must get used to hovering it continuously and on a straight direction because if not, you'll end up with moderately deformed images such as waviness in the image.

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