Belkin Surf WiFi Router

Jul 15, 2010
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Pros:Price. Higher bandwith speeds for larger networks.

Cons:Multiple concurrent connections can occasionally cause connections or modems to reset or "hiccup"

The Bottom Line: Less cost, more speed. A breeze to set up. Single steady LED doesn't keep you awake at night

Picked this up recently to replace a neighbors wifi node that disappeared. I and others use several laptops in our home and needed mobility AND bandwidth. The Belkin Surf-N (up to 300Mps/sec) modem handles the extra connections without any noticeable bandwidth slowdown. At 300Mps, it is faster than the the maximum speed in my area at 54Mps.

Range is excellent/very good indoors up to about 80 feet, and decent (for wifi) across the street which is about 150 feet. Not sure about free air connection to the note but our laptops can get good connections anywhere around the house and yard.

WPA/WPA-2 password-encrypted security is automatic, however it can be set up as a public/free wifi HotSpot. NOTE: users should check with their cable carrier as their policies vary on this, particularly if you let others in your network unchecked, anything they do comes down to the cable account holder's responsibility.

The Surf router requires an already present hardwired modem to connect (such as a desktop cable modem or DSL line modem as the router is just that, a router) to the internet. Internet access is not required if access is not needed, but for wireless home/small business networks, which saves time and money (and holes in your walls for cables!) However, the equipment will need to be wireless ready to pick up the router's signal, which will require additional equipment to be purchased ($20-60 for a typical wifi smartcard, USB device, serial signal receiver or similar)

Little problems experienced in the time used, save for occasional "hiccups"  and reboots when heavy use (game console, desktop, multiple wifi laptops) is encountered.

Price varies from $45-$60. One definite advantage is that you can get up to true 802.11N (300Mbs) speeds versus B or G speeds that may only get up to a maximum of 150Mbs. Plus an increase in physical range.

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