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Jul 21, 2010 (Updated Jul 21, 2010)
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Pros:Excellent fit for most activities; stylish design; great sound.

Cons:Short battery life in between charges.

The Bottom Line: Recommended for short spans of listening.  Longer-span users will not like the short battery life nor the clamped effect on ears.

Motorola ROKR S9 headphones are a great design...

This is a good set to wear in your office if it is permitted.  Many coworkers will, if they even notice them, comment on how cool they look.  When you are not using them, you can remove them from your ears and they will rest around your collar like a doctor's stethoscope in reverse.

The headphones are a one-size fits all design and adjusted by a slight bend in the middle band.  Because the headphones wrap from behind your head and over your ears, the design can accommodate a large range of head sized.  The ear buds are interchangeable to accommodate for a large range of ear canal sizes.  The heavier back of the headband rests against your neck, so there is not a lot of downward weight felt on your ears.  If anything, you will probably feel more inward pressure over long periods of wear (headphones act as a clamp).  You can probably use this for certain exercise activity (hiking, walking, treadmill)...but anything more vigorous will probably knock the headphones out of your ear.  In short, they are very comfortable for the first two hours, you might start feeling some pressure after that...I suppose this experience will vary from user to user.

Bluetooth connection:
The device can be found by your bluetooth device like most other devices.  I was able to hook mine up to a blackberry successfully on the first try.  Range appears to be about 25-30 feet before the signal drops out.

Sound Quality:
Excellent.  Wonderful highs and deep bass.  No noticeable loss of sound quality as a result of bluetooth transmission.  Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be a "bluetooth doppler effect" where the sound warps as you walk back to your source (not away).  I have found this effect on other bluetooth transmitter setups so it is not exclusive to these headphones.  I would suspect that a memory buffer can help remedy this effect.

Simple but sometimes confusing, but not a big deal.  I sometimes press the wrong button because the buttons seem to be very close to each other.  The headphones will indeed act as a handsfree phone headset even through the microphone's appearance is not obvious.  Reception of (your) voice is decent, but no noise-cancellation technology here.

Power/Battery Life:
Recharging is done by a USB power adapter.  The headphones consume a lot of power so I think you will find that you will only get about 2-3 hours of use before the low battery indicator comes on.

The manual is very minimal, but decent to get you started.  I think I had to go to an online manual to see that it really had a microphone.

Office and some exercise.  Not recommended for long flights because of the short battery life and since there is no noise cancellation.

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