American Idol Season 7: Jason Castro's Dread Locks And 7 Geeks

Apr 8, 2008 (Updated Apr 10, 2008)

The Bottom Line Big Dave Archuleta and Jason Castro's Dread Locks are going to be fighting for the same fans very soon.

It was her time. It was simply her time. Ramiele couldn't bring it week after week and Eddy Zucko's 500 votes every Tuesday night couldn't save her last week. So long Ramiele.

My guest judges tonight are my cousin Nini and my mom. Cousin Tomiko and my sister were here, but they left.

(We were having a committee meeting for the 2008 Nakamoto Walk Or Run For Fun, which is why we are all together. That is the race in which I defeat the horrible Eddy Zucko. The picture to the right should tell the whole story.)

The Hot List (based on last week's performances)

1. David Cook - He's been money every week.
2. Carly Smithson - I can't tell if people love her or hate her. I love her.
3. David Archuleta - Is it me, or is Big Dave a little repetitive?
4. Michael Johns - He went from my most hated list to the top 4 pretty quickly eh?
5. Brooke White - Curly or straight tonight?
6. Jason Castro's Dread Locks - He bores me.
7. Syesha Mercado - She has grapefruits.
8. Kristy Lee Cook - Who knew this year's Sanajaya would be a blond girl?

The Departed

1. Young David Hernandez
2. Young Amanda Overmyer
3. Young Chikezie
4. Young Ramiele Malubay

Ryno is back and he talks about Idol Gives Back tomorrow night. They are going to have that show tomorrow night and the kick-off show on Thursday.

The contestants are all on the stage together and David Archuleta looks to be about four foot ten. The theme tonight is inspirational songs. And first up is Michael Johns. He's singing Dream On. Nini just told me she hasn't watched Idol all year. This could be interesting. Johns is back with the handkerchief and chest hair showing. This song fits perfectly for him, but it does come off as some hardcore karaoke. He doesn't really do anything different with the song. But he does hit the Steven Tyler screaming falsetto. My mom says he did a pretty good job. Nini calls his handkerchief a scarf and says it distracted her. Randall says it was a pretty good song choice, but it had pitch problems. Paula's boobs disagree with Randall. She says it was the perfect song choice. Simon says it was a good performance, but it was an impersonation of a rock star and wannabe. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Syesha Mercado is trying to do Fantasia's I Believe. Last week, Whitty Houton, this week Fantasia. Good luck girl. She does a decent job with the song as it's a total American Idol stage song, but all I hear is Fantasia's version in my head. I think it's too soon to cover. It's like when someone covers Taylor Hick's Do I Make You Proud?. Ok, maybe not like that. She does get credit from me for hitting a big note at the end. My mom thinks it was great. Nini says she likes her. Randall says it was just ok, though he gives her credit for trying that big of a song. Paula's boobs say that this is one of her most shining nights. Simon says it was technically well done, but it lacked a wave of emotion.

Jason Castro's Dread Locks is performing Somewhere Over The Rainbow, but not the Judy Garland version. Didn't Kat McPhee do this a couple of years ago? He does get credit for busting out the ukelele. It's probably his best performance since Hallelujah. My mom loves it but wonders how much further he can go with his style. Nini likes his tone and says it's soft, but not feminine. Randall says it was blazing molten hot. Paula's boobs say he has the most definitive sound and did a great job. Simon says it was fantastic.

Kristy Lee Cook is singing Anyway. I haven't liked any of her performances, even the ones the judges liked the last two weeks. But for some reason, I don't think this is bad. And she finally shows that she can hit a decent note as well. Maybe I'm just getting soft. But this is her best performance so far, in my opinion. (And watch that this is the week she finally leaves.) My mom says she's just not a fan and KL Cook doesn't appeal to her. Nini says it didn't sound too bad. Randall says it was really good. Paula's boobs say it was excellent. Simon says she was very good and looks like a star tonight.

David Cook is singing Innocent which is an Our Lady Peace song. It doesn't start well, but it picks up. I'm not sure this is a good song choice for him, but the dude can sing. My mom thinks the start was terrible, but says that it picked up. Nini doesn't like the song. Randall says it wasn't one of his stronger weeks. Paula's boobs say that he's the whole package. Simon says he didn't like it at all and thought it was a bit pompous. He says it wasn't anywhere as good as the last two weeks.

Carly Smithson is next with The Show Must Go On. The intro for this song is way too long. She's having a few issues with over singing, probably because it's not a song designed to show her vocals. I don't think it's necessarily a good Idol song either. My mom says she didn't like the song. Nini says there were times where she think she struggled. Randall says it started out good, but it ended up just ok. Paula's boobs say that they didn't feel engaged. Simon says she over sang it and lost control of the song.

Big Dave Archuleta is up next with Angels. He's playing the piano and the shot opens wide with him playing, with his reflection showing on the piano. That was pretty cool. Again, he's in pocket. These are the songs that he just kills. It leaves me wanting him to sing a different style of song, but based on this performance, it's another really good job. My mom says she likes it a lot. Nini says she does as well and can't believe he's so young. Randall says it was his hottest moment all season. Paula's boobs say it was fantastic. Simon says it was the best song choice of the night so far. He thinks the vocals were a bit nasally, but also says he's being nit picky.

Brooke White is closing the show with You've Got A Friend. And she's going mostly straight, with a few curves as far as the hair is concerned. If I were her, I'd ask to not follow Big Dave because after his vocal, hers is overshadowed. I think she does a good job though. It just comes off as less than, after Archuleta. My mom doesn't think she sang the song well. Nini says thumbs down. Randall says it was just ok. Paula's boobs say that Brooke is definitive. She didn't say what she thought about the song. Simon says it was nice and pleasant, but not original.

If I'm Carly and Brooke, I'm worried. They both were just average tonight. If I were Johns, I wouldn't be too secure either. But then again, Syesha and KL Cook, who both did decently well, are always in the bottom three. With a gun to my head, I'd have to say the bottom three will be Carly, Brooke, and Syesha.

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