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Aug 1, 2010
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Pros:Very good 3D monitor.

Cons:Tech support would not provide free support on a simple display appearance problem.

The Bottom Line:

Essential for 3D computer games.

I am using the GD235HZ monitor between two Samsung Sync Master 2343awx 22" monitors. The GD235HZ is about one inch larger diagonally. The GD235HZ is much brighter. Brightness is essential for 3D viewing since the brightness to each eye is 50% of the total display time. The GD235HZ has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. The 2343awx monitors will go to 2048 x 1152. For the sake of compatible appearance I set all 3 monitors to 1920 x 1080. In setting up 2 or more monitors in Windows 7 you can right click on the desktop, Personalize, Display, Change Display Settings. Here you can change the path of your mouse cursor from one monitor to the other. You can change the vertical position of the cursor or display objects as they are dragged from one monitor to the other. If you accidentally move one monitor icon lower than the other, the mouse cursor will travel across the monitors respectively. Acer will charge you to solve this simple problem. Above all, this monitor is great for 3D use. The TV 3D movies don't work with a regular DVD or Blue Ray player. I'm not aware of any 3D movies at this time for PC use but there are plenty of games. I'm using the Nvidia 3D vision glasses. Programs like BioShock2 look great but BioShock2 can be tricky to set up. Games like "Just Cause 2" are set up specifically for Nvidia 3D glasses and the 3D monitor so there are no setup up problems. I will not provide any technical specification data but I am sitting in front of 5 monitors and this GD235HZ is about as good as it gets. The adjustment controls work ok but you have to be fast or they disappear and you have to start over again. The cable from the video card to the monitor is the more elaborate DVI cable with full rows of pins. Without this special cable you will not get 3D. The stand is easily removed if you like to build your own stand or attachment bracket. I personally like a monitor sitting at desktop level and a 10 degree tilt to the rear. At the time of this writing the GD235HZ is probably one of the best 3D choices on the market. 3D is a significant technological advancement for me. August 01, 2010.

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