Great True Stories That Are Films

May 15, 2008

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The Bottom Line Watch the Sea Inside. It is a beautiful story and a beautiful film.

1. The Last Emperor - This is a beautiful film is a biopic about the life of Puyi, China's last reigning emperor. This film won 9 Oscars and tells the his story with such artistry.
2. Rudy - I love this movie because it is a classic underdog story and Rudy is so lovable everyone wants to make his dreams of playing for notre dame come true. The emotion behind the acting and the story makes me cry every time.
3. City of God - This film won the best foreign language film oscar and I was bewitched by it as soon as I turned it on. The film chronicles the life of two boys growing up in the extreme violence of Rio de Janerio in the 1980's.
4. In the Name of the Father - This film is beautifully acted earning 9 academy award nominations. The film tells the tragic story of a family wrongly imprisoned after being accused of being involved in an IRA bombing.
5. Gandhi - This film is again an underdog story that inspires. I love this film because it makes the viewer really feel like they know who Gandhi really was as a person.
6. Quiz Show - This film is great because it makes you remain determined that Ralph Finnes will not cheat and you really sympathize with his character with his inner struggle of right and wrong.
7. Remember the Titans - This film is so good simply because it shows unity, overcoming racism, and true friendship.
8. JFK - I love this film because growing up you never hear about Jim Garrison and anyone being prosecuted for the murder of JFK. This film is so entertaining and it weaves a very believable conspiracy.
9. A Beautiful Mind - Russell Crowe is phenomenal as John Nash, winning the Oscar for best actor. The film really allows you to see the love story between Nash and his wife and it is riveting.
10. The Sea Inside - This is one of my favorite films of all time. The film does a fantastic job of showing both sides of the argument of assisted suicide with 2 balanced perspectives.

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