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Aug 15, 2010
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pads don't lock in dirt
cheaply made


My husband and I received our steam mop as a gift after my parents purchased it at BJ's Wholesale Warehouse. We were all shocked at the flimsy construction of the product, but after having seen multiple infomercials on the steam mop we were excited to give it a try. It took us a surprising number of attempts to master the use of this mop. We quickly realized we needed to take a painstaking amount of time to vacuum our linoleum floors with our Swiffer Duster before even attempting to use the steam mop because the much touted microfiber pads fell very short of the miracle product they were claimed to be. In truth, the proof was not “on the pad,” it was actually left all over our floors in clumps of wet dust. The cleaning pads failed to “lock-in and trap dirt” as claimed. After a handful of uses, a second problem began to occur with the cleaning pads. Every time the mop was pushed forward along the floor, the front of the cleaning pad would curl beneath the mop; and every time the mop was pulled backward along the floor, the cleaning pad would curl beneath the back of the mop. This made cleaning of any sort impossible. Then this morning, the inevitable finally happened. The front of the cleaning pad rolled under the mop head; this stopped the forward movement of the mop and the weak handle snapped. I am extremely disappointed in your product and will be telling all of my friends and family to not believe the claims made on your company's infomercials because your products are made of shoddy construction and do not live up to your claims. I will not be purchasing any Euro-Pro products in the future, despite the incising claims, and suggest everyone avoid this company's products, as well.

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