Epson 1400 Service

Aug 17, 2010
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My Epson 1400 failed after 5 months of light duty.  I was very happy with it while it worked.  However Epson service leaves much to be desired.

The Green power light flashes, the red ink light is on solid.  According to the user manual this combination of lights is caused by a number of possibilities none of which applied to me.  I called Epson support, they said the "paper sensor" was defective and they would ship a new unit.

The new unit was shippeed via FedEx.  But it did not arrive at my house.  Epson first told me it was my responsibility to take this up with FedEx.  Eventually they recanted and arranged to have another unit shipped to me; but they told me this was a courtesy and would not be repeated.

A damaged unit eventually arrived at my house.  I am now waiting for their service center to reopen.

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