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Aug 21, 2010 (Updated Feb 1, 2013)
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Pros:Keeps things cool, looks nice, not too heavy, not too pricy to run

Cons:Door storage doesn't secure cans or bottles well

The Bottom Line: I recommend this little Avanti if you've got a rec room, game room,  workshed or garage, or maybe just want to keep the drinks close at hand during sports season.

When preparing to move to our between-stops apartment, we found that there were certain household items we needed. A computer desk (we were leaving ours with my mom so she wouldn’t be without), coffee and end tables (we were leaving ours with my mom), and entertainment center (again, ours was staying with my mom), and lamps (yet again, mom).  Luckily, I had a wowser coupon for a local furniture store.  If we dropped X dollars on their website, we’d get a rather substantial discount. 

Obviously, I went shopping. Among the treasures I found?  An amazing pair of table lamps.  Oh, they were gorgeous!  A deep, rusty, glossy coral, with gold accents.  They looked like something right out of a high-end antique shop (or a high-end eastern opium den), and I was in love right up through the checkout process . . . at which time I discovered that my lovely lamps were out of stock.  In fact, everything in that range that I was even a little bit interested in was out of stock.

Understand my dilemma.  In order to nab the amazing discount, I needed that last 70 or so bucks on the bill.  Finally, in a freakish fit of desperation, I searched for items based upon price only.  And the first thing to come up?

The Avanti 1.7 cubic foot “mini” fridge, on sale for $79.99.  And in my discount-desperation?  I bought it.

I know—talk about shopping to the coupon in a big way!

When our Avanti arrived, I was taken aback by how small it is, at  20.5 inches high, 18.75 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep.  It was itsy, like a hotel fridge, and was, at 34 pounds, light enough to lift up and set on the kitchen table.  Which is exactly what we did until we moved to the new place. 

Our little Avanti, which is pitch black, is quite fancy-looking.  The door, which can accommodate a two liter bottle plus a few cans of soda (or jars of salsa), can be adjusted to open to the right or the left.  Its height makes it a perfect “end table,” and that’s exactly what it is now.  It sits at the far end of the sofa, with a lovely dried flower arrangement atop it, and passes quite well for just another piece of living room furniture.  Most guests don’t realize it’s not an end table until they ask for a cold water or soda.

Door aside, capacity is pretty good for such a small package.  We use it to keep bottled waters cold, and it holds 28 16.9 oz/.5 liter bottles.  I know bottled water is evil, but I live spang in the middle of a toxic plume from a military base, so I drink bottled water.  When I move someplace with safer water and fewer cancer clusters, I’ll ditch the Arrowhead.  Until then, it’s the way I roll.  On the beer bottle front, the top shelf may not accommodate as many as it does water bottles because the cooling mechanism extends in slightly. 

Our little Avanti does not include a small freezer section like some mini-fridges do.  It is auto-defrost, and, in the 8 months we’ve had it, we’ve had no issues with buildup. 

Cost of operation-wise, our Avanti is Energy Star rated and, according to the manufacturer, costs only $32 per year to operated.  I don’t know if that’s true, I haven’t unplugged it for one month to compare the monthly bill, but I can say that our monthly electric bill, before central air, runs around $45.00 a month.  I don’t think the Avanti is hurting us too much.

Speaking of central air, the Avanti does have an adjustable thermostat, and being out in a garage or shed would require a colder setting than needed for indoors in a cool home.   We keep the thermostat right in the middle, and it keeps things nicely cold.  The higher settings result in slush forming in the bottled waters.

The Avanti comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty on the compressor.  Longer warrantee periods are available for an additional cost.

I have only one complaint about our little Avanti—the storage space in the doors is “secured” by small rails that move.  A lot.  In fact, they move so much that soda cans or beer bottles can slide beneath them and fall out of the fridge when the door is being opened or closed.  Not a tragedy when the fridge is resting on the carpeted floor, but up on a counter or cabinet?  It could be a problem.

In all, I’m very happy with our little Avanti fridge.  It looks nice, it works well, and the price was totally right.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering?  The coupon made the fridge free.  That said, I’d pay full price—I do think this little guy is a winner.


Just a note to say that the Avanti made the 2,000 +mile move and is still going strong in 2013.  We use it to keep sodas and other flavored drinks wonderfully cool. 

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