Coby Jammerz Headphones with Earclips Earphone / Headphone (Black and Blue Pairs)

Sep 15, 2010
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Pros:Low cost, solid quality, gread sound, blocks outside noise.

Cons:Headphons fit tight, cord hangs from both left and right ears.

The Bottom Line: Considering the low pricing the Coby CV215 Headphones are an exceptional value for everyday use. I would even recommend them for the occassional Classical music listening pleasure too.


I was surfing the world wide web not searching for anything in particular when I ran across the Coby CV215 headphones. The looked really nice had good technical specifications for their pricing. So I ventured to online stores I shop with to see if they had inventory and HSN did.

I ordered two sets of the Coby CV215 headphones (a pair in black for myself and a pair in blue for my nephew) started thinking about Christmas being around the corner.


When the order arrive via UPS in two separate boxes I checked them out. They looked as nice in hand as they did online. Looking good is important but the true test would be the sound quality produced by them and their noise cancellation.

Time did not permit me to check them out right away due to two deaths in the family.


When a free weekend became available I opened the packing to a pair I bought for myself (the two-tone black set).

The real world testing was performed in our normal home environment around the house using a MP3 player, Notebook computer, and the JVC 2010 camcorder purchased earlier this year. You can see my review on the JVC with this link for more information:

My MP3 player is binaural which is far different from mono or stereo as an individual can tell the exact location, direction and distance from which the sound originates. I was alone this day therefore I needed to turn on some devices in the house which normally run when the others are present. Just to be sure the noise cancelation would work.

Once the headphones are on you notice immediately the reduction of noise around you. Everything outside of the headphones becomes very faint and distant. When music begins to stream through the outside world disappears completely. I was able to listen to my music with volume set to ten instead of the normal 15 to 20 level.

The same held true for the other electronics I use the Coby CV215 headphones on. I was able to reduce volume level drastically and still hear comfortablely and clearly my vast array of genres and styles of music including a library of classical.

It created a presence of being there especially with the binaural MP3 player.


The dislikes for me of the Coby CV215 headphones are minimal. First being the headset fits rather snug causing my eyewear to dig in to the side of my head. I attempted maneuvering the Coby CV215 headphones around, taking off adjusting my glasses and repositioning again to no avail. The Coby CV215 headset is just a tight fit. However, some of the tightness may disappear upon additional usage. There is a slight possiblely that much of the tightness is due to their freshness.

Secondly, I prefer headphones that use a single cable on one side generally the right but Coby CV215 headphones use a standard "Y" configuration kin to ear buds. I found a need to pull the "Y" apart a few inches more so it would not be rubbing my chin during play.

The portable ear buds were a plus with this purchase which could have easily sold individually for ten to hundred dollars retail by themselves.

They are comfortable to wear and the sound is very good. The build quality appears much better than the portables provided with devices like MP3 players etc. Luckily the ear buds come with two additional silicon fittings because the large ones were not for me, I had to opt for the smaller size silicon fittings so they would stay in my ears.
Sometimes I can still feel the ear bud slipping but not completely out of my ear.


Coby CV215 headphones are a very good quality set for casual daily use. They are a very solid value considering their pricing scheme. I highly recommend the Coby CV215 headphones for all ages as the headphones will fit a wide range of head sizes. In lieu of Coby CV215 headphones tight fit they are still a delightful product and make a nice inexpensive gift to give or receive. 

There is a nice choice of colors to select from and the colors are bright and vivid.

Since I began writing this review I have noticed the Coby Jammerz Headphones have dropped half in their pricing. I gave $25 a set and now they can be had for around $12.95. Do check around the internet prior to buying and get the best deal.


I like to close my reviews with a THANK YOU because I do appreciate you investing your precious time in reading my material. We live in a complex complicated world where time is at a premium. I do pray you found this review like my others informative and helpful in aiding your next purchasing decision. Your comments are always welcome and I make every attempt to reply to comments as time permits. Again THANK YOU for the opportunity to aid you in spending your hard earned money wisely.

I am not employed or receive any compensation by Coby or any organization promoting the Coby additional hardware. I purchased my Coby's like anyone else and just sharing my thoughts and experience with you.

2010 Copyrighted by Gary Drury 

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