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Aug 28, 2010
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Pros:handsome, long lasting solid brass

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: Finished with an elegant verdigris patina and measuring 8 ¼ X 5 7/16 by nearly 3 inches Leo is definitely a good-looking fellow.

Whitehall's Leo solid brass door knocker is a handsome accent for outer or inner door. I like door knocker's and actually have them both at entry door and upon doors inside the house. I like gee gaws.

Leo is a forward facing fellow, his mane tumbles about his head as though a small breeze may have just passed by.  His eyes are piercing, taking note of just who it is with a hand on the ring held in his teeth.  The ring itself is ornate bedecked with a series of beads while at the bottom we see what may be an urn, a few more beads and offsetting them acanthus leaves.  All in all Leo is quite a handsome fellow

A door knocker is an ornamental, generally metal, apparatus which attaches to the door via a small hinge.  And a portion will be swung against the door or striker plate to create a loud knocking sound to alert those within the house that there is someone on the porch,  at the door and wanting to come in. 

As a life long student of history, and a dedicated jumble shop haunter, I delight to know that door knockers first began appearing back during the Gothic, Renaissance and even Romanesque eras in Europe and continue in usage.  Far back into history door knockers were used by all classes of folk from the poorest right on to the crown, often they were very elaborate and decorative. 

With the advent of the more modern age plain door panels rather than the highly decorative ones of the 17th and 18th centuries came into vogue here in the US, old houses were torn down to  make way for new and door knockers began disappearing from doors.

Today really old ones can often be found in jumble shops and the like.

Across Europe of course, and early on here in the US, door knockers were commonplace upon the entry door.  The lion with ring knocker has long been more the rage in England than here in the US and never more than during the period following hard upon the Revolutionary War when lions, symbol of the crown, fell into total disfavor and the eagle, symbol of the US, came into fashion about 1775.

Whitehall door knockers are all created by hand of solid brass.  Finished with an elegant verdigris patina and measuring 8 ¼ X 5 7/16 by nearly 3 inches Leo is definitely a good-looking fellow.    Shown as a lion head with ring Leo arrives with a detached -striker- plate.

Happy to recommend Whitehall's Leo solid brass door knocker.

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