Politics and Religion - NOT!

Sep 9, 2008

The Bottom Line I believe that religious affiliations should not have a place in politics.

I will start this review by stating upfront that I believe voting for the lesser of two evils is not the answer to anything. I also believe that Obama/Biden will most likely be elected just because of the state of the economy and because people want American troops out of Iraq. I personally do not think that it will be up to the next president to determine whether or not we get out of Iraq because the Iraqi government will tell us to get out anyway. I will also state that when I vote for a candidate I vote for the one who can get the job done regardless of their political affiliation. I was a registered Republican for many years and now I am registered as an Independent. I will not however get into a debate with anyone about their political affiliation because you have the right to believe what you believe as I have the right to believe what I believe. I am writing this review because I am disgusted with how religion is used in the political arena and that I am willing to debate.

I am also going to let you know right now that I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and that he now sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. That is my belief and I would die defending it. However I do not nor will I ever judge someone else for their beliefs or lifestyles. I do not feel that as a Christian I have the right to dictate to anyone else what they should or should not believe. I will however discuss my views with anyone who lets me know that they are willing to listen. How I choose to live my life should never affect how I interact with others in society. I will not lie to someone about what I believe to gain your friendship and I also do not automatically give someone respect because they claim to be a Christian.

I have learned a great deal from those who do not know what they believe, those who are atheist, those from different religions, those who are gay and those who have had abortions. I have learned from people who have been in prison and changed and those who have been in prison and not changed a lick. I believe that everyone has something to share within our society and those things will often times differ from what I have to share.

I believe that there are many people who grace the pews of churches in this country day in and day out claiming to be a Christian. Then the rest of the week they live their lives in such a way that you would have a hard time imagining them as a Christian. You have those Christians running around touting this and that in such a way that it makes my stomach turn. Then you have Christians working behind the scenes in such a way that they impact the lives of millions around the world and do so without ever tooting their own horn. I believe some people use their religious affiliations to further their political standing and that also makes my stomach turn. I also know that there are people out there who do many good works that are not even Christian nor are they affiliated with any religion.

I do not believe that a person's religion should in any way be used to sway a persons vote one way or the other. I do not believe that religious leaders should be endorsing political candidates at all. In fact I find it quite funny that some of the very people fighting to get God off of our currency, out of schools, and off of public buildings have absolutely no problem accepting religious endorsements of the candidates they favor. Although I don't know why I am surprised since one of these people is in fact a minister of a church that believes we are all ordained by GOD. If we are going to cry separation of church and state then we should practice it in all of our affairs. I personally believe that the decline of morals and ethics in this country is one of the reasons we are having so many problems within our society today. That being said you must also know that I do not believe that morals and ethics go hand in hand with Christianity.

I do not believe that either party can take the moral high ground. I believe that there are Democrats and Republicans that come from strong moral fiber and have a sound moral fiber to this day. I also believe that the exact opposite is true in both parties and that many times the candidates will use their religious affiliation to their advantage and that make's me mad. I also know that candidates are unfairly judged by the actions of religious leaders in their political arena whether the candidate agrees with them or not. Just because you attend a church does not mean you agree with everything the church does. I do not believe that every person who is Catholic condoned the covering up of child molestation. I do not for a minute believe that we should hold the actions of Jeremiah Wright against Obama in his bid for presidency. I also do not believe that pastor John Hagee's endorsement of McCain has any bearing on who McCain is as a person or how he would run the country.

I believe if you are truly living a Christian lifestyle your actions will speak of your faith without you ever having to say a word. I believe that you will send a message to people in ways that has not been done in this country for a very long time. I believe that people will know you are genuine without you having to make all kinds of promises to convince them of it. I believe you would garner the respect of those who are not Christian because you are not trying to cram your religious views down their throats. I believe that if you are living a life that is worthy of respect you will get it no matter what others are saying about you.

I guess what I am saying is that I do not believe that a person's religious affiliation cannot nor should it be used to gage whether or not they would be a good presidential candidate. Everyone can tell a lie and Christians are definitely no exceptions to the rule. I believe that politics and religion should remain separate. I am not a Christian because our currency states, "In God We Trust" on it. Nor will I vote to elect you president if you tell me you are a Christian. This is of course just my opinion and I respect that you are entitled to yours.

Thanks for reading.

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