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Sep 5, 2010 (Updated Sep 7, 2010)
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Pros:Inclined position
Easy rocking
Sturdy base

Cons:Could use a bit more padding.

The Bottom Line: Great for my baby who is prone to spitups during feeding. Easy to operate for caretakers. Feels safe/portable.

I received this as a gift for my newborn from my sister whose little one is 1 yr old. This was the best gift and I would not have thought to purchase it myself.

Essentially, this sleepers' motion is similar to a see-saw: alternate dipping from head to toe side with the baby always inclined face up. The inclination works perfect for my newborn after feeding since he's prone to spit-ups lying on his back. When the sleeper is placed on a hard surface (hardwood, etc), the motion can go for around 10 iterations on a single tug. I can also rock the sleeper using my feet to gently tap one of the feet. Somtimes my little one seems to rock himself a bit. The picture on the box was somewhat misleading as I thought it showed motion similar to a hammock in addition to a see-saw. This sleeper only rocks like a see-saw from head to toe.

The box was suprisingly small, something like 3'x2'. Basically 5 pieces, a middle stem with 4 detachable semi-circular metal rods which snap into it. The connections are reinforced by a smooth and round spring-loaded peg which pop out once the piece is fitted. The canopy is then put over and secured via a snap strap underneath bottom, sides by a hook onto the bar. Top and bottom of the canopy have sewn pole holes which the poles went through prior to locking into the stem. The stem has a push in switch on front and back which must both be press and held for the unit to collapse sideways. This makes it flat to store.

Overall, I felt very safe with my newborn in the unit with no fear of the canopy falling or the tipping over. The legs on bottom spread and lock much wider than the top (asymetrical), so even direct downward pressure on the side edge will not tip the unit over. There's a buckle to hold baby, but i've yet to use it.

I've safely and easily moved the sleeper from room to room with and without the baby inside. There's a small netted pocket on the front to hold small stuff (comes with a small soft bunny).

At 10lbs (2mo old) now, I can see my baby using this for much longer. The manufacture, Fisher Price, suggests the maximum weight is 25lbs.
Also printed is:
"Developmental Guidelines: Use from birth until child is able to pull up or sit unassisted. "

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