Died after 2 years!

Sep 7, 2010
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Pros:Ummm...it's cheap, but that's not saying much since it's junk.

Cons:It's an inferior product, not built to last.

The Bottom Line: I would never recommend this microwave. It's Chinese made JUNK that's worth its weight in scrap metal.

This microwave was my last straw with GE. I will never buy another GE appliance again and as long as I can avoid it I will not buy another GE product PERIOD.  What used to be a great American company has sold itself out to overseas labor and inferior products. 

We bought this microwave in January of 2008 brand new at Lowe's for $200.00 and had it installed in the house we were building.  The price was reasonable compared to other brands.  Now I know why! 

We moved into our house in April of 2008 and put the microwave into use.  It was just an okay microwave.  It heated food just fine but the exhaust fan was SO noisy. (I see I'm not the only one here who noticed that!)  You couldn't even hear someone speaking right next to you with that fan going.  We should have packed it up and taken it back but since it heated food okay, we didn't even consider it at the time. 

About 5 months ago when the microwave had just turned 2 years old, I was heating some microwave popcorn and I noticed only a few kernels popped. I thought maybe I had outdated popcorn or something, so I tried a bag from another box. This time none of it popped.  I tried to heat something else. The light came on and the hum of the microwave came on like usual, but nothing would heat up.
We finally came to the realization that our 2 year old microwave was DEAD.  The heating element just gave up. 

After searching the internet for other owners of this model, we found MANY MANY people who said theirs had also died after about 2 years.  For most of them, it was also the heating element going bad, but for some it was their keypad going bad.  It is SO true that they just "don't make 'em like they used to."  You'd think after all these bad reviews, GE would get a clue.  Obviously they don't WANT to fix this problem!  The more often their microwaves die, the more often they make a sale. BINGO!  It's all about the almighty dollar.

I remember the microwave we had when I was a little girl was still in use at my parents' home 20 years or so later.  I think it was still working when they replaced it!  I know companies have the capability of making quality products that last for many years, but GE just doesn't seem to care about standards anymore.  Neither do most other corporations who have also sold themselves out, but GE is one of the worst.

After doing our homework on microwaves and shopping around, we replaced this microwave with a Bosch microwave.  We were not able to find another microwave that wasn't manufactured in China.  There was no floor model Bosch to look at, but the salesman assured me it was American made.  Well guess what?  When we received it, it said "Made in China."  Sigh...I give up!!!  Just buy yourself a good warranty.

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