This printer is a pain in the rear. I will never buy another one.

Sep 7, 2010
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Pros:nice color.  not photo quality, but nice enough.
fax is fairly easy to use.

Cons:Noisy! Really, really noisy.
Paper jams a LOT.
Paper tray and feed are a real pain.

The Bottom Line: I recommend that you avoid this printer/fax.

It is noisy.  REALLY, really noisy.  Not the printing, but the feeding of the paper. 

It grabs the paper so violently that is periodically jams itself.

The paper tray and feed are a pain to deal with.  The printer is very picky about having the paper inserted "just right," which is hard to do.  You have to stuff the paper down into the tray (which is vertical), but not crinkle it, and get the paper to lie flat and tuck in at the bottom (not easy to do, because you have to reach down in there with your fingers).  

If one of its four ink cartridges is empty, it will not print, even if you want to print in black and white and it is the yellow cartridge that is empty!

Oddly, the magenta cartridge runs out the quickest.  You can buy a double black cartridge, but not a double magenta cartridge, which makes for frequent refills.

It constantly nags you about ordering ink refills from Epson.  It starts nagging (and providing a link to order) every time you print from the time any one ink cartridge is about half empty, and never stops.

I would never buy another one of these printer/faxes.  The paper feed problems alone are enough to assure that I have no interest in ever owning another one.

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