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Sep 8, 2010
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Pros:Powerful, blends quickly and smoothly as it should. Grear value.

Cons:None really, a little louder, but it is more powerful.

The Bottom Line: Great value, powerful, should last!

Our old Braun MX2050 finally died.  I was very disapointed when I found out Braun no longer markets blenders in USA.  After a lot of research and frustration, I was very undecided.  There seemed to be no blender out there that would work, last, and at a decent price/value. A couple came close.  The problem with the KitchenAide, was noise (minor) and that there were reports of it leaking.  Since the blade assembly is not removable, there was no way to remove, replace gasket and tighten assembly to helpprevent the leaking as reported.
Then I came across some most recent reviews that said that the slight leaking problem was fixed.  So, I took a chance and ordered it through Amazon.  After 2 months now, I can say that I am completely satisfied (and NO leaks!).  It is a little noisier than our old Braun; but works even better.  And with the one piece blade assemby, much easier to clean.  No gunk build up in blade assembly gasket as with our old Braun.
The slow start up to speed is a great feature.  It blends our morning breakfast smoothies just wonderfully.  I would HIGHLY recommend this blender.  After much research and frustration with blenders and all had negative comments, I have no complaints with the KitchenAide.  The only complaint was the leaking problem, which appears toi have been fixed through a slight redesign. The additional and excellent power explains the fact that is is a little louder than our old Braun, but I feel it will last much longer.  It also blends much better and much more quickly!!! The Braun had a plastic gear on bottom of the blade assembly - which, over time, and if not careful, broke plastic bits off.  The KitchenAide gear assembly is metal, as it should be.

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