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Sep 8, 2010 (Updated Jun 1, 2011)
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Pros:Easy to connect hoses, operate, spins nearly dry.

Cons:Large loads don't agitate as well as small loads.  Spins wrinkles into the clothes.

The Bottom Line:

Teriffic for solo users in apartments or in a vacation house. Terrific addition for a craft or shop area. 

I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  This compact washer does exactly what I need it to to: Wash light loads, rinse them well, and let me avoid trips to the public laundry room when I'm out of clean undies.  It's very easy to use, fits in my small linen closet, and isn't difficult or time-consuming to set up.

The hose apparatus comes with a sink faucet adaptor so that you may affix it to a typical bathroom faucet.  It snaps on and off the adaptor quite easily.

There are a variety of programs, which include regular wash, quick wash, power wash, rinse and spin only or spin only.  The push button mechanism is simple and straightforward.   The only difference between "wash" and "power wash" is an approximately 10 minute "soak" which I have not found to be particularly useful. The regular wash cycle takes about 12 minutes to complete.

There is no soap or softener dispenser.  One merely adds a bit of soap powder or liquid at the start.   There are various chimes which alert you to the rinse cycle, however, should you choose to add softeners at this stage.

The interior is stainless steel and quite sturdy.  There is a removeable lint trap which makes it easy to scoop out debris.

The only "con" really is that if I add towels or sheets and pack the washer, there is less "oomph" to the impeller style agitation and thus the clothes are less clean.  For heavily soiled items, I'd stick with a full size washer, but to merely do a light wash of clothes, towels, undergarments and the like, this works very well.  The more clothes you add, the heavier the load and water will be and thus there is less "agitation and free flowing movement."   Still , I've been able to put in king sheets in a load, or, several pairs of pants and a blouse or two in a single load.

The best pro is that it spins very nearly dry -- that spin cycle goes several times with a vengeance and there is no dripping afterward at all. You could easily put an item on a hanger and it would be air-dried quickly, however, that can sometimes lead to a con.

Because the spin cycle is so strong and thorough, in a small space, this washer does spin more wrinkles into the clothes whirling about in a tightly closed environment.

I didn't used to iron as much as I do now, putting creases back in my clothes and eliminating wrinkles from the washing and drying in a tight, small appliance.

It's still WELL worth it because I'm not leaving the house and my time is so much better spent watching "Mad Men" while ironing a pair of pants, than thumbing through a tabloid in the launder-mat.

For installation, I just put this in a linen closet on the floor next to my sink in the bathroom. I peeled and put "moving men" disks on the feet. That's it.  I just open the closet, pull it out and it slides on my bathroom floor on those little moving men sliding disks, right up to my sink. I can do it with one hand.   Despite how lightweight and easy it is for me to move it to my sink on the moving-men-disks, the spin cycle is intense but does *not* move or wiggle the washer away, because the weight of the clothes and water holds it quite still.

The hose, cord and drain tube just sit inside the empty washer when it's not in use and I slide it back into the closet and shut the door.  Perfecto.

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