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Sep 9, 2010
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Pros:Lightwieght, Durable Mop Cloths, Easy Clean Up

Cons:Funky Odor, Mop Cloths Good For One Room Use

The Bottom Line: I would not have purchased this, but it has proved a little handy for bathroom cleaning.

We got the Shark Steam Mop for free with the purchase of our Navigator Vacuum (read my review, love it!). Truth be told I have been very happy with our Hoover Floormate and was not seeking an alternative. I did use the Shark Steam mop any way because, hey why not it was free!

I did the Pepsi Challenge:
Shark Steam Mop vs. Hoover Floormate.

Weight and Handling:

Shark Steam Mop is ultra light weight. It is like a stick vac and it hold a small amount of water so it is not weighed down. There is no motor or brushes to weight it down. Because it is so light weight it is easy to twist and turn and move fairly quickly with it. Because the the handle depresses activating the steam there are no buttons to push you plug it in and it is on.

Hoover Floormate is heavy. It feels much like a vacuum in your hands. It does have wheels like a vacuum so it's easier to push. It is bulkier so it is difficult to fit in tight spaces.

Shark steam mop takes the cake for ease of use.


Shark Steam Mop has a small water reservoir that you fill with cool tap water each use. It comes with a handy funnel and measuring cup so you don't spill or over fill. The mop cloths are antimicrobial microfiber. They attach by velcro and after several uses are showing almost no signs of wear. Once your water is full, cloth attached all you have to do is plug in and go (provided you have already swept/vacuumed the floors). The steam takes about 20 seconds to get fully going.

Hoover Floormate vacuums, washes, and does wet pick up all with the flip of a switch. This is a great feature especially because I have hardwood floors on more than one level of my home. Carting several machines up and down the steps is not practical. The set up is easy. There are seperate clean and water tanks on the machine. Fill the water tank with Floormate solution and water and you are ready to start cleaning. There are scrub brushes that spin while you are on the wash cycle so you rarely have to go over one spot twice.

Clean Up:
Shark Steam Mop is easy to clean when finished. Remove microfiber pad and toss in washing machine. I always wash right away to keep cloths looking new. It is also recommended to dump any remaining water out of water reservoir to prevent stale water.

Hoover Floormate has the wet pick up feature and there is a dirty water tank and filter that have to be cleaned and rinsed after each use. I also snap out the brushes and give them a quick rinse.


It comes with
-2 cleaning pads
-A carpet attachment for "freshening" (not cleaning) carpets
-A "stick" mop with water reservoir attachment
-A long cord
-Instruction Manual

My Thoughts after the Pepsi Challenge:
I love the smell of a clean house, I should say I love the smell of cleaners. The Shark Steam Mop gives off an odd odor when running even though I dump old water out and air it out completely with each use.
With the Steam Mop I feel a little like I am pushing dirt around rather than picking it up. I much prefer the Floormate in this regard. With the wet pick up I know that the floors are getting squeaky clean.

The don't trust the brushes on the floormate to my marble bathroom floors so I prefer the gentle cleaning of the Steam Mop in my bathroom.

Overall, I use the Steam Mop for my bathroom because it I can leave it on one level. It's small stature fits nicely around toilet and the cleaning cloth wipes edges of the floor nicely. For all my pergo and hardwood, I still prefer my Hoover Floormate even though it is a little more work to use.

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