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Sep 16, 2010
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Pros:The Printing Quality is High
Ink Isnt Expensive
Lets You Know Your Ink Situation
Prints Quickly

Cons:Ink Runs Out Quickly
Occasional Connection Problems
Occasional Problems With The Printerhead

The Bottom Line: Buy it if you are using it at home. Dont buy it if youre using it at a business.


The printing quality of the Lexmark S405 is very clear and precise. However, I have experienced several problems with getting it to initiate printing quickly.


The printing quality is very high. When a certain color of ink begins to run out, the printer compensates very well. Most loose color quality, have a "washout" of one color, or fade in general. The S405 can generally use a different amount of certain inks to make the print out look relatively unchanged as compared to one printed with full ink.

The ink isn't very expensive. It uses Lexmark 100 Ink Cartridges. The normal prices of these are:
Black: $26.00
Tri-color: $35.00
Black and Tricolor: $48.00
You also have the option of buying each of the three color ink cartridges seperately, each costing aound $12.00.

If the ink is running low, the printer will let you know a long way in advance (about under halfway) that you need to start thinking about buying new ink. Everytime afterward that you print, a small window will pop up at the bottom right corner of the screen telling you the percentage of ink you have left. It gives you plenty of time to buy ink without running out completely.

The Lexmark S405 prints very quickly and efficiently when there is no connection issue or other error.


Ink runs out pretty quickly. Mine ran out of black ink within three weeks of moderate usage. It could be a problem if you don't have a store close to you that carries the ink.

Although the printer can either be wireless or connected with a cord, I suggest using a cord. It's much more reliable, as when it has a wireless connection, it tends to disconnect frequently. If you plan on using several computers for one printer and they can't all access the same cord, you should consider a different printer.

About 25% of the time, the printer will come up with
"Error. Check the printerhead"
Although this is an easy fix (just lift the top half of the printer up, as though you were going to replace the cartridge, and put it back down) it might cause some inconvience if printing was needed immediately.

Should You Buy It?:

Yes if:
You plan on using it at home
You are a student (college or highschool)
You do not need to use it for multiple computers
You want it for non work-related printing

No if:
You plan on using it in a business/public place
You need to print most things immediately
You need to use multiple computers for one printer

More Information on The Printer:

Abilities: Prints, scans, copies, and faxes
Costs: $100.00-$135.00
Can be Bought At: Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot, Staples, Target, and Best Buy.

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