Saving Can Tabs- An easy way for a family to donate to charity

Oct 30, 2008

The Bottom Line Save can tabs!

You probably don't think too much about the little tab you use to open your canned drinks, cat food, soup cans and other cans. You just consider it an easy way to access your beverage or get your kitty his food. But, after this article, you might think differently about those tabs.

Some call them tabs, some call them pop tops, but whatever you call them they are worth saving. Yes, I said saving. What can a little can tab do? Well, several years ago I found out about a program with the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN. You could save these can tabs and then recycle them at a facility that pays and then donate the money to the House. The Ronald McDonald House in Memphis even collects them at their facility should you not have the time or a place that pays out to recycle them.

Of course, if you live a good ways away from them, then I would really consider recycling them first and then sending in the check, because postage on these would be worth more than what the recycling would be worth.

But why not save the whole can? Well, the tab is the purest part of the aluminum of the can. Also, it takes up a whole lot less space than a whole can and you don't have to worry about cleaning it out or crushing it like cans.

Plus, it's not that hard to find something with a can tab on it. For those of you out there who don't drink carbonated drinks, I bet you could find something in your home that has one of these. The easiest way to save them is to put some sort of container in your house - we have a big plastic spaghetti sauce jar on the counter in the kitchen where we put them. Then, we take ours to school where they save them and send them to recycling and then donate the money.

Also, setting up a collection container at work is a good idea too- I know several folks have one in the breakroom at work and they sure do fill up fast. Several years ago the school donated $800 worth of recycled can tab money to the Ronald McDonald House. My kids have a blast doing this and pick up can tabs wherever they can.

If you aren't saving these, save them! You can always find a church, school, or other organization that is saving them or you can just save them yourself and then recycle them. I bet you don't look at can tabs the same way now, do you! Happy saving!

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