Fancy piece of junk.

Sep 26, 2010
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Pros:embedded dirt finder, HEPA filtration, attachments.

Cons:Cheap plastic breaks easily, vacuum hose on side of vacuum head

The Bottom Line: Take your money and buy a refurbished Kirby G3, G4, or G5.  It will last decades and will be in a competitive price range. 

I bought one of these and was pleased with it while it lasted, about 2 years.  I liked the embedded dirt finder that tells you when it is no longer pulling up dirt.  I loved the self propelled drive.  The cheap plastic on/off slide switch worked intermittently.  Like almost all of the box store vacuums, the suction is on one side of the vacuum head instead of in the middle.  That means you get good suction across a few inches of the vacuum head.  I think a much better option is to buy a refurbished top of the line vacuum like a Kirby, Filter Queen or Tristar.  I bought my sister a refurbished like new Kirby G4 and it will last for another thirty years.  I think I paid between $325 - $350 for the refurbished Kirby.  It came with a 5 year warranty on its motor.  Although I don't remember exactly what I paid for the top of the line Hoover, it wasn't much cheaper than the refurbished Kirby G4 which is built like a tank.  If you are going to buy a box store vacuum like you would find at KMart or Walmart it isn't that bad.  All of the box store vacuums are made to last two or three years.  They are disposable.  Also in a cheaper box store vacuum, the HEPA filtration is not as good as the HEPA filtration on a premium vacuum.  It is easy to slap a HEPA filter on the exhaust of a cheap vacuum.  Often the dirt gets blown out of multiple leaky seals bypassing the HEPA filter.  If you don't mind buying a new vacuum every two or three years, this vacuum may be a contender. 

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