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Sep 28, 2010 (Updated Sep 28, 2010)
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Pros:The price, Great picture, Nice and bright!

Cons:No vertical height / swivel adjustment

The Bottom Line: This is a great and simple monitor for those looking for a decent sized image at a decent price to boot!

I'm a huge fan of view sonic, I've been using their monitors for the past 4 years. I recently purchased this monitor online to replace another monitor of mine that was having hardware issues (also a view sonic).

Because I edit video alot, I have a dual monitor setup at my home. Currently this monitor sits in front of me, while my older working view sonic sits at my left. I had my previous view sonic for about 3 years before It went bad, it had a hardware glitch where the menu would always pop onto the screen and the power button refused to work from time to time.

Now, this NEW monitor is something else, a true step up from my older model. Since I have them side-by-side, I can see a obvious difference in brightness, clarity, and color.
One thing to know when your shopping for LCD's is all the specified lingo they throw at you; such as: Contrast Ratio, Response time, nits, and viewing angle.

The contrast on this model is nice and crisp with a rating of 100,000:1. But heres a secret for you, contrast ratio means almost nothing because there are no official regulations on value or quality. It's a number that seems to just be thrown out there nowadays to sell TV's. For instance, Sony touts a 1,000,000:1 ratio on some of their TV's, while some other models with lower ratios seem to have just as much contrast value when tested on white to black gradient bars. Do yourself a favor and disregard these ridiculous ratings, the irony of them being that most manufacturers set contrast defaults all the way to 100, so even if you COULD see all those levels of contrast, you wouldn't because it's been set to maximum. 

Response time for this model is 5ms, or 5 milliseconds before the screen image is scanned. Again, nowadays this isn't too important since the human eye won't notice any ghosting or delay in the 5-8ms rating area with normal use. If your gaming, watching movies, editing or designing, this monitor will be plenty fast enough.

Nits is a brightness rating for LCD's, this model has a rating of 300 nits. This is actually a pretty good rating considering that 250 is a solid average and the maximum you might see out there is around 400 nits. What does this mean? IT'S BRIGHT! And very illuminating if I say so myself! You might need to be careful with night use, if you have the brightness all the way up at night, you might get eyesore quickly.

Viewing angle is one thing I find slightly lacking with this monitor, but I've seen it in mostly all monitor I use. Sometimes you can see dimming at the top or bottom of the monitor when viewing a mostly black image. It isn't a huge deal and can be corrected with quick angle adjustment, but can be annoying at times.

Finally some practical goodies about the monitor: It has both VGA and DVI inputs, so no adapter needed as it also comes with both types of cables. The monitor is very light when compared to bulkier models like Samsung. I haven't noticed any hot spots or dead pixels and the monitor itself run's quite cool even when left on all day.

A few things that aren't so great is that there are no vertical height adjustments OR swivel adjustments which can be a pain for those of a taller stature like myself.


It's a very slim, functional and basic monitor with a great image and value to boot. A sure win for those who want a good LCD for a good price.

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