Great Safety Features, But BIG SEAT!

Sep 30, 2010
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Pros:High height limit of 32 inches, side impact and rebound control is the best!

Cons:Long base makes compatibility an issue, poor stroller compatibility, premium price tag.

The Bottom Line: The side impact and rebound control are excellent and the capacities of the seat allow for longer use. The safety features on the Chaperone justify the price.

     As a car seat tech, I am very familiar with Britax and their history of safety.  Their seats offer a wide variety of safety features for the money and the Chaperone is no different.  The side impact protection is great and no one does anti-rebound control better. In a crash, the seat will flex downward, and then want to rebound back up.  The rebound bar controls that rebound, preventing the seat from hitting the back of the rear seat when it rebounds.  The Chaperone has a great harness adjuster that moves the strap height from the back and the tensioner from the front. No more rethreading the harness! It also moves the side impact protection for the head.  Britax uses what it calls 'true side impact protection', which means that the child's head, neck, and spine will all stay in proper alignment during a side impact crash.  The canopy is huge on this seat as well, larger than any I have ever seen. The Chaperone has a 30 pound weight limit, but a 32 inch height limit. Britax recognizes that a child will reach the height limit on the seat before they generally reach the weight limit.  Another bonus is that this seat is rated down to 4 pounds, which makes it a good choice for low birth-weight babies.  I'd like to see a shorter base to allow it to fit properly in more cars and also more stroller compatibility, but overall this is one great seat!  If you have a car with at least 19.5 inches of seat bottom, then the seat generally will fit in your vehicle.  The bucket on the seat weighs just under 9 pounds, which is light for the features and height limit that it has.  Overall the Chaperone is one of the better infant seats on the market and, if it fits in your car, is definitely worth a look by any expectant parent.

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