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Oct 12, 2010
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Pros:durability, quality, ease of use

Cons:price, weight

The Bottom Line: Versatile and durable!

This stroller is built to last.  It is very well made and designed.  It is easy to open and close.  The wheels, brakes, suspension, padding and canopy are all heavy duty.  Strollers get used for several years, and possibly by several children so it pays in the long run to get a good one such as this model.  Mine withstood use (and sometime abuse!) and many, many fabric washings.
Newborns can sleep comfortably while lying almost completely flat.  The canopy provides great coverage and there is even a little viewing window for mom or dad.  The fabric is breathable and washes well.

Your youngster will not outgrow this stroller anytime soon.  The heavy construction will securely accommodate a larger child.  It was a lifesaver for us in several theme parks.  My infant could use it most of the time, but when her big sister needed a nap, it came in handy. We simply put the baby in a sling and allowed our four year old to get the sleep she needed.  
Even a squirming toddler will have a hard time wiggling out of the padded five point restraints so long as they are properly fastened and adjusted.  The buckles are secure and easy for mom to use, but not easy for child to undo.
No chance that this stroller will topple accidentally.  Even when a diaper bag or several shopping bags were placed on the handles, the stroller was sturdy and maneuvered well.  Fussy toddlers can rock side-to-side and make some light-weight strollers fall over, but not this one.  This stroller is heavy duty and well balanced.
The only big negative features are price and weight.  PRICE: At over $300, I consider this stroller expensive; however, it is still a good value.  What do you get for the money?  Quality!  Instead of buying several cheaper, less versatile and inferior quality strollers as your child grows, it's no doubt better to just invest in one good stroller.  I rationalized the purchase in terms of the overall usage.  Since the stroller served us well nearly every day for two children, it seemed like a great investment.  As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for".  Plus, it comes with its own handy rain shield which is custom-made.  That item is sold-separately for many other strollers.WEIGHT:  This stroller weighs over 20 pounds and seems cumbersome compared to ultra-light umbrella strollers, but it is very durable.   The lighter strollers tend to topple easily and the parts are not built to withstand daily use.  Weight is irrelevant when the stroller is in use.  It collapses easily and can be lifted easily into a car-trunk using the side grip handle.

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