Rest In Peace, Microwave...

Oct 14, 2010
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We cannot remember exactly when we bought this lovely white microwave at a local Big Box home improvement store. According to its data plate (in the upper left corner of the cooking chamber) it was built in October of 2007, Serial Number 5209xx.  That is as close to a birthday I have for it.

Today, during what should have been a short, easy run, it emitted a 'burning electronics smell' and it stopped heating a cup of coffee.  The carousel continued to turn, it hummed loudly as always, the light in cooking chamber dutifully illuminated the spinning coffee cup.  But alas, there was no energy available to heat the cup. 

My wife is inconsolable (it was her coffee).

Burial is planned in the near future in the nearest electronic recycling dropoff. 

Not sure if we will get a replacement Sharp.

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