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Oct 22, 2010 (Updated Nov 20, 2010)
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Pros:Works extremely well and plenty of room.


The Bottom Line: I've always had great success with Whirlpool products and they stand by their warranties.

Let the story be told that men sometimes make the stupidest mistakes. The sad refrigerator at the community dump site says I don't belong here, my owner was defrosting me and I had too much ice formation in the back. I couldn't help he has no patience what so ever and used a Phillips screwdriver to chip away at the ice and boom!!!!  He punctured my back wall and Freon sprayed on him and all over the kitchen floor.

I couldn't believe I did that. But I to haul it away, then make a trip to Lowes was not part of my plan that day. I walked up and down the isles, $900.00 for this one or $1,400.00 for this one. I was kicking my own tush every chance I had, then my eyes came across this baby. $599.00 slashed on sale $499.00. I open the doors of this Whirlpool W8TXNWFWT Top Freezer/Refrigerator. I open the freezer first, very spacious for me with a small rinky dink tray on the left side and the open space on the right totalled 4.07 cubic foot of freezer space. The wire tray gets nestled on a screw on the left wall to hold it sturdy. I put my ice cube trays on it and under it I put hot dogs, or small items to be frozen. I bought it immediately after seeing the refrigerator section.

The refrigerator doors can be adjusted to open from the left or right. I chose to open from the left. The refrigerator has 17.6 cubic feet and with the two shelves everything is very precise when they made this compartment. It gives you just over 8 inches underneath the shelf to put your 12 packs of soda's in, you can put 4 of them across the bottom. They lay on the top plastic bin cover for your fruits and vegetables. There is two different gallon or so bins. On the other side I keep all my sandwich meat and cheese's. They are very spacious, I do keep my refrigerated medicines in them too.

Like I said everything is precise. The lower steel shelf you can put your loaves of bread in, or pies you have about 8 inches between shelves. The top shelf is for your gallon's of milk, orange juices and etc. The only bad part to this refrigerator is that they put the light and a brace directly in the center so you have to pull your milk straight out. Truly I get enough stuff in there to last me two weeks. The temperature setting is there also and you basically go from zero to nine with 9 being your coldest and yes if on that number the stuff in back will have ice chippies in it, that's how cold it gets.

The inside of the door is very spacious, you have a two shelf tier plus a place for your butter and a 8 inch width shelf on the top of the door. I use the door shelves for all my condiments, big bottle stuff like bbq sauce, salad dressings.and the 8 inch width top little shelf I put my cream cheese's for my bagels..

For those of you worried about diemensions, the width in the front and back is 28 inches. The height of it is 67.38 inches and the depth is 32.88. This Whirlpool W8TXNWFWT Top Freezer/Refrigerator carries a one year parts and labor warranty. This Energy Star refrigerator will use at a minimum of 470 kilo watt hours of electric, it runs on a 15 amp electric motor which is so quiet.

The easy part is cleaning it inside and out. Pulling it out away from the wall to clean underneath it. Recommend pulling out the defrosting tray on the bottom to prevent any kind of damage on it since it rests on the floor and the water evaporates from the tray so you don't have to worry about taking it out every week to empty it. I looked last night in my veggie tray on the bottom because I forgot I bought some tomatoes 2 weeks ago and I open the bag thinking how moldy they would be, but they were as fresh as the day I bought them. I keep my settings at seven or eight, everything last longer that way. One thing they can improve on is the electric cord length, mine was only 6 feet long. Just makes it harder to pull out and clean under.

Overall, it's a good refrigerator so far, my last one would of lasted 4 years and I had it since 2005. You can put a ton of stuff in it, like I said I do my grocery shopping every two weeks and she fits a lot. One last note, you can get a optional ice maker. I have no plumbing for that, so I'm estatic with what I have.

Thanks for reading !!!

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