My Top Ten Gay Films List-Updated 2009

Mar 30, 2009

The Bottom Line This is my updated list. I hope you enjoy.

We all grow, and everything must change. Indeed, I have seen several gay films since my last picks for the best gay films out there. That considered, this is my offering of the top ten gay films.

Adventures of Felix-

This is one of my favorite films of all time and definitely my favorite gay film.  Detailing the adventures of a recently unemployed French dockworker named Felix as he makes his way to Marseilles in an attempt to find his father, this film is charming, engaging, and utterly delightful. Sami Bouajila is also quite hot. Adventures of Felix is a very touching film with a universal story to be enjoyed by all.


A previous pick, I believe this film embodies the ideals and the struggles for gay liberation. Entertaining, utterly enjoyable, and totally satisfying on every level.

Trick -

Also a previous pick. I discussed the merits of this light comedy focused on love and sex in the previous top ten list.

Strawberry and Chocolate -

This brilliant offering by perhaps the greatest director to ever come out of Cuba, Tomas Guiterrez Alea, was also listed as a previous top ten. A brilliant look at Cuban culture and the nature of love and romance, Strawberry and Chocolate is one of the essential gay films.

Criminal Lovers -

This macabre thriller  based on the  tale of Hansel and Gretel was also discussed previously.

Angels in America-

An incredible weaving together of the American Story, Tony Kushner brilliantly weaves the gay rights struggle and the struggle against AIDS into the American social fabric, incorporating the tales of Ethel Rosenberg, Roy Kohn, the conservative push towards Fascism, and the legacy of the Mormon Church into this epic tale of love and death, disease and lust. I must say my favorite scene in this film is Ethel Rosenberg sitting Shiva over Roy Kohn. Justice indeed.

The Crying Game -

This film was also listed previously. I feel this film brilliantly displays the fluidity of sexuality and the thin line that separates our conceptions of gender.

Bulgarian Lovers-

This tale of love shorned, advantage taken, is absolutely hot, erotic, and mesmerizingly woven together. This film, through the tumultuous and volatile love affair between Daniel, a Spanish diplomat, and his hunky boytoy Kyril( played by Dritan Biba) asks the questions whether love is real and what price must one pay for companionship. This film is also an incredible look at the ideas that exists within nonwestern cultures concerning homosexuality and the fact that in several cultures, a man can have sex with another man and not be considered gay as long as he is in the dominant role. All I have to say is, boy do I wish I were Spanish with access to the male Bulgarian immigrant population. Bulgarian Lovers is a magnificent film with an incredible plot.

Steam:Turkish Bath -

Also a previous pick, this story of love, betrayal, and discovery holds its intrigue and will stand the test of time as not only a captivating love story and journey of self-discovery for a married Italian couple, but in its relevance as an important statement about sexuality in Turkish and Middle Eastern culture.

Sixth Happiness-

This compelling story of a wheel-chair bound young man who finds a companion in a tenant taken in by his mother is a brilliant exploration of sexuality and disability. I previously chose this as one of my top ten foreign gay films. I believe it is definitely one of the best out there.

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