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Nov 9, 2010 (Updated Nov 10, 2010)
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Pros:Size of cooking compartment (1.5 CF), very accurate settings, good looks

Cons:Exterior oven temp when using convection ONLY if using Built in Kit

The Bottom Line: Great Microwave operation.  Convection works well on counter top but be careful with built in temperature issues.

Here are the basic specs.

Automatic Sensors · Browning
Cooking Power:
1000 Watts
1.5 cu. ft.

Power Levels:
10 Microwave
With Convection Cook up to 450 Degrees
Yes removable glass
Safety Features
With Child Lockout
Exterior Depth:
19.88 in.
Exterior Height:
14.88 in.
Exterior Width:
22.63 in.

Overall this is a very nice microwave.  The operation is a little different then other microwaves. This microwave uses a control knob to set time, power levels (10), temperatures (convection) instead of a key pad.  This is no big deal once you get use to it but it is not as intuitive as a keypad. 

There are built in time settings which we have found to be VERY accurate.  These include various foods like potatoes etc.  There is also a reheat and sensor selections which are also very accurate.  We have used it to reheat multiple different leftovers and they always come out fine.  Not over cooked or under cooked.  The oven uses humidity to define when the oven should turn off and it appears to be very accurate.  As an example we cooked 2 "baked" potatoes in the oven in about 15 minutes and all we did was set the dial and start the oven and walk away.

The oven also has convection cook and combination (Convection and Microwave together) which works well.  We used it on the counter with no issue.  However the final installation used the built-in kit.  When using the built in kit and convection the air from the convection oven is vented around the front of the microwave.  This resulted in the microwave exterior becoming very hot to the touch when using high convection temperatures.  I will avoid using the highest convection settings for any extended period of time (over about 20-30 minutes).  The oven was installed according to the installation instructions provided by GE.

Overall I would recommend the oven VERY highly for counter top use.  When using the built in kit it would recommend it but with caution concerning the use of high, long convection settings.

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