Another Kodak Lemon

Dec 4, 2010
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Pros:Easy to use. Auto settings.

Cons:Battery Life. Shutter Lag. Washed out pictures. Zoom.

The Bottom Line:

Bad shutter lag. Bad zoom. Bad video. Pictures washed out. Bad battery life. Cheaply made. Inexpensive. You do the math. Worth it?

I am no fan of Kodak digital cameras. I have owned two Kodak Easy Share cameras (only because they are one of the few cameras being sold that you can use AA batteries for and I am very anti-battery pack) and both have been terrible. This camera is no worse. Aside from 14 megapixels at a low price (theres a reason for that lower than everyone else price) there aren't too many things about this camera you will like. I borrowed a friend's camera and used it for a week in order to write a review for this sight because given my past experience there is no way I'd buy another Kodak camera.

The worst thing about this camera is a common issue with all the Kodak cameras I have tried. The worst shutter lagtime in the history of cameras. You seriously press the button and the camera seems to take a picture sometime next week. Then, you have to wait several seconds (no exaggeration) for the camera to process and save the picture. Then when you push your finger on the button for the next picture, the camera will have to go through its whole second or two of auto setting for the picture, the second or three lag and the processing. In New York City there was a show where a famous actor was doing a performance. I waited outside the stage door for him to come out with this camera. I had a good spot in the front of the gate. From the time he opened the door and walked about 100 feet to his limo shaking hands, I was able to get 2 pictures and one was blurry with a turned head. This is this so terrible, if you are considering taking any sort of action picture, forget it. A slow walk 100 feet that took around 20 seconds and I was able to get only 2 pictures. And one, the lag was so bad by the time I pressed the button I only saw the back of a head. It is almost a joke compared to other cameras.

The other common problem to Kodak cameras is the battery life. The way the computer inside the camera processes pictures will drain the battery like you wouldn't believe. Compared to other cameras the Kodak is amazingly easy to drain the batteries with. This one has 14 megapixels so it is even worse than the other ones, which are pretty bad.

The picture quality is just okay. Lots of washing out in sunshine. (forget about vibrant colors if you are taking pictures where there is a sunny sky.) I have never taken a picture of a blue sky with this camera where it looks bright blue instead of grey and washed out. Indoors, it has a very hard time when you are using the flash. If you are indoors and use a flash you will get zero background. Only a brightly illuminated subject against a dark background. It also has a problem picking up patterns. If you are wearing a gingham shirt, it will come out streaked and shiny.

One of the pluses with this camera is the ease of use. This is great for beginnners because there are basically no real settings to mess up. You point and shoot (although its more like point ... wait for the camera ... shoot ... lagtime for the shutter ... wait for the camera to process ... point ... wait ... etc.) and you are set. There is a nifty little feature that allows you to have certain settings such as 'museum' (no flash, no sound) where if you have a steady hand, it will be a low ISO picture that allows you to shoot in semi-dark or indoors conditions. I find using a flash at night with this camera is impossible. Forget about it. You will get a picture of a brightly lit subject against a totally black background. Often, even the subject is blurred or dark.

The pictures in the right conditions ... for example if you were on a boat in the ocean on a beautiful day with just enough sun and vibrant colors ... are crisp and sharp. However, because of how poorly the camera performs the 14 megapixels don't really matter. A blurry washed out picture won't look good no matter how high the resolution is.

One HUUUUUUGE problem I've encountered with this camera (and one other model Kodak camera) is that it often will not read memory cards. This is a big issue. A lot of the times I will use another camera or device to take pictures of movies with the card and then use it in this camera and the screen says the card needs to be reformatted. Just the other day I put in a brand new from the package Sandisk memory card and it wouldn't allow me to use it. It kept saying it needed to be reformatted and when I did, it would say again that it needed to be reformatted. I had this camera one week and got completely screwed one time at an event I wanted to take pictures at because it wouldn't recoginize the memory card that other cameras would. And to make matters worse, this camera only holds 2 or 3 pictures on its internal memory (why even bother putting one in if it will only hold 2 pictures???)

Also, the zoom range is pretty bad. It doesn't seem like 5X zoom. I have a camera with 4X zoom that seems to be closer. The tighter you go, the grainier it gets. I really can't imagine this to be a true 5X zoom.

Also, forget about taking videos with this camera. They come out choppy and grainy and dark. Seriously, I've had cheap cell phones that take better videos. And the videos take up a ton of space on the memory cards (if you can get them to work.)

Overall, much like Kodak's other cameras ... this thing is a total lemon. All the reviews that you see that say 'great camera!' seem to be from people who just want a camera to take quick pictures with for the sake of taking pictures. Point and shoot and ease of use. There are better cameras in the pricerange for this. Don't get fooled into thinking you are getting a great deal because the price is fairly cheap for a 14 megapixel camera. All of the downsides make it a bad buy.

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