Dec 5, 2010
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Pros:Looks pretty........ that's about it.

Cons:Dishes need 2be handwashed after running the dishwasher. It's a terrible waste of money. 

The Bottom Line: The only good thing about this dishwasher is the way it looks.

I don't write many reviews because I feel they are all subjective and some people are just hard to please.  I feel a strong need to let everyone know the issues we are having with this dishwasher.  We called LG Service again this morning for the 5th time, we get the same list of questions every time.  We go through the same service call over and over.  In fact, I recorded the last service visit and I could personally share with you the technician saying "I'm sorry ma'am, these high efficiency units don't use enough water to clean properly.  The dishwasher is doing everything technically it's supposed to be doing."  And I said, "it's not cleaning our dishes".  And I showed the service tech the dishes and he said "There is nothing I can do for you."  We are doing everything they recommend.  
1. Always run on Pot Scrubber Mode and use sanitary wash for every wash whether light load or full. 2.Use Electrasol tabs not powder. 3.Use Turbo dry. 4. Finally run hot water in sink before you start dishwasher.  You want the hottest water entering your dishwasher as possible. 
We do all these things and still the top rack dishes are disgusting.  I have to rewash all the coffee mugs every time.  I'm beyond annoyed.  We paid over $800 for this dishwasher and we would take our old Maytag back in a heartbeat.
Do yourself a favor and don't buy this dishwasher

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