Wow!! What a Monster of a CD Changer / Player!! Like Having Your Own Jukebox!!

Dec 5, 2010 (Updated Mar 7, 2011)
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Pros:Has mega storage for up to 300 CD's. For hours of music listening pleasure!!

Cons:Space demanding. Some of the controls may be a bit complicated. First songs might skip.

The Bottom Line: Great unit for hours & hours of music listening pleasure!!


First, let me say that when I got my first CD player, it was a Technics single- disc one. It was good, but then I began to long for one that can accommodate more than just one disc. It was tiresome having to change CD's all the time.

Then I went to a Technics 5-disk CD player, which I had for several years. It, also, was good. But again, as with the single disc player, I again wanted one that would accommodate even more CD's. After a while, a 5-disc machine was becoming rather obsolete. I STILL wanted a CD changer that would accommodate even MORE CD's for longer music listening pleasure!! That is when I decided to make the big jump and change over to a unit that has an even GREATER CD capacity - one that can take from one disc up to a whopping 300 discs!!

So I began looking around online and happened upon the Sony CDP-CX355 CD Changer / Player. Pioneer make a similar style unit, but I wanted the Sony unit, mainly because most of my stereo conponents are Sony.

And this unit is truly a monster of a CD changer!! It can have up to 300 CD's on the rotating carousel tray. It allows me to play my songs in just about any format that I desire.


This unit is like no other CD player / changer that I've ever owned before! The fact that it holds up to 300 CD's alone makes it quite a performer! It has many features galore! And it really looks very impressive as it plays some of your favorite CD's!

In a way, it is reminiscent of the old record changer where you stacked several records onto a spindle and the player would play them in sequence.


This unit is very easy to set up! You simply connect the audio cables, left & right, to the input jacks on the rear panel of your stereo amplifier or receiver. Plug the power cord into a live outlet, and you're ready to go!


For quick & easy playing, simply press the OPEN / CLOSE button, and the door located in the center of the control panel slides open to the right. Place anywhere from one disc numbered up to 300 or anywhere in between. Make sure that all of the labels on the discs are to the right of you. Start from slot# 1, working your way upwards. Press the OPEN / CLOSE button again, and the door slides closed. The unit will automatically search for and move each disc into the playing position, which is at the 10 o'clock position looking down.

Each slot has a small number marked on them in sequence from 1 to 300.

The unit automatically plays each disc and their songs in sequence for as long as you wish, until or unless you change how you'd like to listen to them. As you proceed with loading the CD's the interior light changes color.
Inside the unit and through the clear part of the loading door, at the very center of the carousel, you will see a soft-glowing light which is blue in most cases as long as the unit is on or playing CD's. As you proceed with loading the CD's, the light will change in 3 colors from blue to yellow to orange in 3 sections of discs. 

The light also changes from blue, to yellow, to orange when you turn the Jog dial in either direction to change over to another disc to be played, depending on which section of the carousel you are in, and when you add or remove a disc, and when the loading door is open. Finally, the light flashes if and when you change songs or discs with the remote.


From left to right, as follows;

Standby (red) light remains on when unit is powered off, power button, timer switch. Below that, a keyboard jack for connecting a keyboard. To the right of those, there are a series of small buttons than include: Continue, shuffle, program, repeat, time / exit, groups 1 through 8, NT list and group file. Program button allows you to play selected CD's and / or their songs as you wish.

Loading door is at dead center. Two knobs to the right of that, are the AMS and the Jog knob. The slightly larger Jog knob is used to move the rotating loading tray to either the left or right to make adding, changing or removing discs easy. Menu / No, + 100 and Yes buttons above that. They both feature PUSH TO ENTER.

Open / Close, easy play, memo search, check, clear, mega control, X-fade, no delay and fader. At the extreme bottom right are the larger play, pause and stop buttons. Green light illuminates for play, orange light for pause.


The remote control has pretty much all of the functions featured on the unit's main control panel.


Audio jacks for left and right channels and power cord.


1. Semiconductor laser (2 = 780 nm)

2. Laser output: Max 44.6.

3. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20KHz + 0.5 dB.

4. Power requirements:120 volts AC, 60 Hz.

5. Power consumption: 13 watts.

6. Approximate dimensions: 17x7-1/2x19-3/8 inches.

Supplied accessories:

1 remote control.

2 AA batteries.

2 audio left & right cables.


About my only shortcoming is that this unit is space demanding. It takes up a lot of room, as it is even too long to fit into my stereo cabinet, preventing the glass door from closing! I must also admit that some of the controls seem a bit complicated.

Also, it has a tendency to skip on the first song on some CD's. I keep a cleaning disc in the machine, so that if that happens, I just go to that disc to clean the lense now and then. Guess that the lazor lense is probably very sensitive to even the least amount of dust or dirt on some of the discs. 

Finding a permenant spot for it is highly recommended, as it DOES strongly demand a considerable amount of living room real estate. Other than that, it's a great unit!


So far, I really like this unit, in spite of some of the not-so-sood reviews written by a few dissatisfied owners. It really is a sophisticated piece of stereo equipment that really gives you a lot of bang for the buck!!

I love that it allows me to load just about my whole CD collection, sit back and listen to hours and hours of music at my leisure!!


This unit has everything that I could ever want in a CD changer!! Even though it has lots and lots of "bells & whistles", it is pretty much a basic unit that offers convenience, flexibility and hours of music listening pleasure without the aggravating task of having to constantly change your loaded CD's, as with units that accommodate far less CD's!!



If you're just about as sick to death as I am of putting up with CD changers that can accept only a few CD's, then this unit is the one to get for your music listening pleasure!


I bought this unit from Best Buy.

But you can also buy it online from most websites such as and a few others.

Thank you for reading this review.


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