Master of Versatility and Maestro of Inconvenience

Dec 15, 2010
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Pros:Versatile, stylish and has lots of room to grow.

Cons:Bulky, takes lots of space. Hard to fold down.

The Bottom Line: If you need a stroller that you can switch between seats and infant carriers, this stroller is a winner. If you want ease of use and convenience, keep shopping.

This stroller was a gift from my mother-in-law when my second son was born because our first little boy, even though he's 6, is still in a stroller. He can walk, but he has very limited vision, so we needed a stroller that is big enough for him and can still use with the baby carrier while our second baby is still in his infant car seat.

The Kolcraft Contours fit our needs perfectly. We loved the versatility of being able to use the 2 seats, either facing forward or facing each other, or having the older child in the front seat and being able to put the baby carrier on the back. It was also nice that it was so versatile any baby carrier fit on it.

The problem we had was it's bulkiness and size. In order to fold it down, you basically have to disassemble the whole thing! Remove the seats, remove the cup holder tray and fold down the base. This means that you have to store 2 big seats, the frame and the cup holder tray in your trunk. We have a big SUV and even with that, when we haul the stroller, we can't haul anything else. This is a big con in my book because if the stroller is too bulky to take with you, you'll never use it. It also makes it quite an ordeal to pull it in and out of the car, assemble it, get your kids in it, then when your done, get your kids back in the car and disassemble the whole thing again. If you've got several stops to make in a day, it gets old fast!

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