Breast Cancer Awareness Write-Off 2009

Oct 1, 2009 (Updated Nov 19, 2009)

The Bottom Line October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Help make others aware!

October is, among other things, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The term 'breast cancer' effects us all in a variety of ways; many of us have been touched by this killer ourselves or have friends and family who have dealt with it.

-Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females (aside from non-melanoma skin cancer)
-Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death (lung cancer is the first)
-In 2009, around 192,370 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women
-Around about 40,170 women will die from breast cancer in 2009
-**Right now there are around 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States!!**

In my life I've known many people who've fought with breast cancer. Some won, some lost, some are still fighting.

Early detection and awareness are some of the best weapons in the breast cancer battle. Know the facts... share them. Get yourself or someone you know a mammogram and perform self-exams regularly to detect the signs early.

I hosted my first ever write-off in 2007, the 2007 Breast Cancer Awareness W/OIn 2008 I did it again.  This year I'm hoping to have even better turn out for this write-off. 

Here's the call-out:

+Review a product that donates part of their proceeds towards breast cancer research
+Review a website whose proceeds benefit breast cancer research
+Review a breast cancer-related event
+Review a book, magazine, movie, or other type of media that has something to do with breast cancer
+Write a WC piece that deals with breast cancer get the idea.

Please reference this write-off in your review. This write-off will go from now until the end of October, though I'll continue to add anything I receive that is relevant.

You can email me a link to your piece ( or just leave it in a comment here.

*On a small side note, I'm due with my first child this month, so I hesitated to host this write-off.  It's important to me, however, so I'll do my best to keep up with this.  Please forgive me in advance!


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