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Oct 2, 2009 (Updated Dec 14, 2009)

The Bottom Line Texas and Sweden is where I’ve lived the most and I think both places are great in their own special way. Therefore I want to host a Texas+Sweden write off.

During October 2009 and during the first half of November I will be hosting a write off on topics pertaining to Texas or Sweden.

I joined epinions a little more than a year ago, mostly because I was somewhat curious about epinions. At first I had no intention of writing reviews, however, on October 7 2008 I wrote my first review on epinions. I've had a good time on epinions and I have encountered a lot of nice and smart people. Now October is here once again and I want to try something that I have not done before, host a write-off. I like geography and travel and since I have lived most of my life in Sweden that would be a good topic for me. The problem is that it is a topic that does not offer many writing opportunities for others. However, I have also lived many years in Texas, and I love it here, and it should offer more writing opportunities. So I decided to do a combo, a "Texas plus Sweden" write-off.

Examples of topics could be:

In Travel: Destination, hotel, airport, tour company, etc. in Texas or Sweden.

In Books: Books about Texas or Sweden, a plot partially taking place in Texas or Sweden, the author is from Texas or Sweden, etc.

Software: Learning software involving Texas or Sweden, software having to do with Texas or Sweden, software made by a software company in Texas or Sweden, etc.

Movies: Movies in which part of the plot takes place in Texas or Sweden, documentary movies about Texas or Sweden, movies directed by someone from Texas or Sweden, or with a Texan or Swedish actor, etc.

Music: Music by a Texas/Swedish musician/band, DVD's with songs referring to Texas or Sweden, etc.

Computers: Computer equipment made by a Texas company or a Swedish company, etc.

Electronics: Electronic gadgets made by a Texas company or a Swedish company, etc.

Restaurants and Gourmet: Restaurants in Texas, or food items distributed by companies in Sweden or Texas, items which aren't really Texan or Swedish but are named that way, like Swedish Fish, etc.

Writers Corner: My life/adventure/accident/mother in Texas or Sweden, all my exes are from Texas, lots more examples.

Other topics:

And on the list goes, I hope you get the idea,

If you leave a comment or send me an email (mailto:thomas.wikman@siemens.com) I will add your entry.

I started off by adding a travel review for Sweden and restaurant review for a restaurant in Texas.

I hope that some of you who read this will be able to participate. All regular reviews and express reviews are welcome.

Entry Summary
Books: Emil and his clever pig || Children of the Forest || The Sun Egg || Texas Insects
Travel-Sweden: Top Ten Places Sweden (Summer) || Top Ten Places Sweden (Winter) || JokkMokk
Travel-Texas: Screams || Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth || Amon Carter Museum || Dinosaur Valley State Park || Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax
Restaurants: Chamberlains || India Palace || Asian Mint || Pappas Brothers Steakhouse 
Food: Swedish Meatballs
computer: Alienware M15X

Accessories: Steel Rail (IKEA)

Travel: Sweden

Music: The Miskolc Experience by Therion || Live Gothic by Therion
Movie: Used & Abused...in Live We Trust

Movie: Baby Blues || WWE: Hell in a Cell 2009

Spirits & Beers: Absolut Vodka
Travel: Stockholm

Movies: Evil || Let the Right One In 
book: Alan Tennant - On the Wing

Computers: Dell Workstation

Outdoor Apparel: Swedish Military Parka || Swedish Wool Socks

Movie: H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 4 || Dante's Cove - The Complete First Season || Tremors || Werewolf of London || She-Wolf of London  || Wolf Man: The Legacy Collection || Angels & Demons || Deep Blue Sea

Writer's Corner: Swedish Academy
Movies: Autumn Sonata || Shame || American Violet

Movie: Initiation || Ta Det Lugnt by Dungen

Books: The Crack in the Lens

Books: Route 66 Backroads
Travel: Gaylord Texan Hotel

Movie: Dazed and Confused

Book: Ollie's Ski Trip

Detailed information
Accessory from IKEA, Swedish company
Grundtal Stainless Steel Rail:
Clutter the walls, not the counter the Grundtal Series way

Travel review Sweden
General Itineraries - Sweden:
Sweden, Stockholm, Snaps and Snapsvisor


Therion is a Swedish Music Group
The Miskolc Experience by Therion
Full Symphony Orchestra + Full Choir + Metal Band Therion = The Miskolc Experience

Live Gothic by Therion
Sweden's Operatic Metal Band - Therion - Live Gothic

sed & Abused...in Live We Trust
From Sweden: In Flames - LIve at Hammersmith and more!

Horror movie based on the Andrea Bates murder that took place in Houston, Texas
Baby Blues DVD
These kids were definitely singing the blues. 3.75 stars-79%

WWE: Hell in a Cell 2009 (Mark Calaway born in Texas)
"Welcome to hell's playground" 3.5 stars-74%

Absolut Vodka 1 liter (Swedish Vodka)
Absolut Vodka: Not the best vodka but it's the #1 seller in the USA!

On Stockholm, Sweden's Capital
Stockholm: One of the most beautiful cities in the world


Evil (a Swedish Film)
Swedish James Dean Shows Us Who Really Is Evil; It's Not Just Him!

Let the Right One In (Swedish Movie)
Sweden's Let The Right One In: Watch Only If You Love Vampires~

Alan Tennant - On the Wing: To The Edge of The Earth With the Peregrine Falcon Books. Author is from Texas and won the best nonfiction award from the Texas Institute
On The Wing With Renegade Peregrine Falcon Trackers In Mid 1980s~

Dell Precision Workstation T3400 (Dell head quarters in Texas)
The Dell T3400 Workstation is a shining example of what a dependable computer should be!

(submitted via email)

Swedish Military Parka with Olive Drab Liner
Have Freedom with the Swedish Military Parka with Liner

Swedish Wool Socks
New Swede Brown/Grey Wool Socks - Itch Free Wool Socks


H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 4: Pickman's Model
From the Master of Horror, Treats from the Grave: H.P. LOVECRAFT COLLECTION: PICKMAN'S MODEL

Dante's Cove - The Complete First Season

Tremors - actor Sunshine Parker is from Texas
The Monster Movie That Breaks New Ground. TREMORS.

Werewolf of London - A swedish actor and an actor died in Texas
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip, and Protruding Lower Fangs! WEREWOLF OF LONDON.

She-Wolf of London - Sara Haden was born in Galveston Texas
Terror is a B*tch! SHE-WOLF OF LONDON.

Wolf Man: The Legacy Collection - Warner Oland was born in Sweden, and Sara Haden in Galveston Texas

Angels & Demons, Stellan Skarsgård is Swedish
The holiest event of our time. Perfect for their return. ANGELS & DEMONS

Deep Blue Sea - Stellan Skarsgård is from Sweden
How Fast Can You Swim? DEEP BLUE SEA

Writer's corner related to Sweden
The insularity of the Swedish Academy

Autumn Sonata (Swedish Movie)
Bergman + Bergman + Ullmann = Laceration

Shame (a Swedish movie)
Noncombatants are not allowed in modern wars (even in Sweden)

American Violet - Docudrama set in Texas
A docudrama about manufacturing felons, Texas style

Initiation (filmed in Dallas/Ft. Worth)
A Boring Body Count Slasher: THE INITIATION

Ta Det Lugnt (Universal) [Digipak] by Dungen (Swedish band)
A Swedish Psyche-Rock Extravaganza!: TA DET LUGNT by Dungen


Steve Hockensmith - The Crack in the Lens (mystery set in Texas)
Old Red Faces Personal Demons


Jim Hinckley - Route 66 Backroads: Your Guide to Scenic Side Trips & Adventures from the Mother Road
Route 66 Backroads || journeys from 'the Mother Road'

Gaylord Texan Resort And Convention Center On Lake Grapevine
The Gaylord Texan Resort ... || My job should always be this tough...


Dazed and Confused - Texas themed movie
Texan teens get their sex, drugs & rock and roll going on


Ollie's Ski Trip - Elsa Maartman Beskow (Swedish Author)
Ollie's Ski Trip is like an old fairy tale


Travel review Sweden
General Itineraries - Sweden:
Top Ten Places to visit in Sweden in Summer

Travel review Sweden
General Itineraries - Sweden:
Top Ten Places to visit in Sweden in Winter plus St. Lucy’s Day

Travel review Sweden, Express Review
This is where I took my first shower in three weeks

Restaurants in Texas
Chamberlains Steak and Chop House: A Texas steak house for the real Gourmet

India Palace:
Another name for taste bud orgasm is Vindalooooooooo

Asian Mint:
Asian Fusion at its best

Pappas Brothers Steak House - Texas Steak House
The old fashioned quality dining experience

Swedish food
Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs:
Swedish Meatballs supports Susan G. Komen for the cure

Swedish Author
Astrid Lindgren, Emil and his clever pig:
A rambunctious boy and his Clever Pig.

Screams Halloween Theme Park in Texas
The world’s largest Halloween Theme Park

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (museum in Texas)
The surprisingly inviting Modern Art Museum in the Wild West

Children of the Forest - Swedish Author
Don’t we all want be like the children of the forest?

The Sun Egg (Swedish Author)
The sun laid an egg and it fell in our woods

A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects
What’s crawling under your bed? Well find out!

Travel review Texas
Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
The Peoples Museum

Gaming laptop review
Alienware M15X - Cosmic Black
The coolest gaming laptop in the Universe

Travel review Texas
Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas
Dinosaur Valley State Park, walking in the foot steps of the Dinosaurs

Travel Review Texas
Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax & Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, Dallas
Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax & three other attractions in Grand Prairie

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