Hamilton Beach Soft Scrape Mixer (62637) A Definite Plus

Dec 24, 2010
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Pros:Good Workmanship, 6 Speeds, Burst feature, Soft Scrape Beaters, Storage Bin

Cons:Not sure of the durability of the coating on the Soft Scrape Beaters,

The Bottom Line: All in all this is a strong buy, as it's a quality product, with a comfortable feel and the storage case is great engineering and very handy.

I recently moved to take a new job, and being a widower I do most of my own cooking. Since my son is now occupying my previous house, I left many of the kitchen gadgets behind, (he is a good cook too), and with the holiday season coming along the urge to merge butter and flour for Christmas cookies led me to the search for a new hand mixer.
While perusing the shelves at my local Wal-Mart, the picture on the box of the Soft Scrape(TM) attachments stood out so I figured I'd give it a try. I'm here to tell you it was a good call.

My old mixer was a Hamilton Beach that I bought over 30 years ago and it is still giving good service, I would figure the quality is pretty steady with the company since they have been making mixers for just about 100 years. The heft of this mixer has a quality feel to it, but does not seem too heavy for normal use by the fairer sex.

I have always been comfortable with three speeds and this mixer has six, it will take more use than cookies to consider this a true benefit, but I will say the difference in speed is descirnable at each of the six speeds, and the added burst button is a positive, (especially for stuff like home made mashed potatoes) when you need to knock down some lumps.

The Soft Scrape (TM) Attachment idea is pretty cool if you do any mixing in teflon pans, (mashed potatoes again), and they do work as advertised for getting a better scrape off the side of the bowl with sticky doughs.

The rest ledge on the back of the mixer is functional and handy when you need two hands to add to your mix, as it allows you to keep the beaters in the mix while doing something else though it's not meant to allow you to leave the mixer running.

The very best part of this mixer has nothing to do with its operational capabilities. The best of it is in the storage bin that attaches to the bottom of the mixer when it is not in use. The cord, and all included beaters, and dough hooks fit in the case with a bit of room to spare. This feature alone will cut 10-30 minutes off of prep time for me, as finding the beaters was always a challenge in getting ready to bake or make whatever came to mind. No more digging through every kitchen drawer, nook, and crannie for the one missing beater! Hooah!

All in all a great find, and a reasonable price for a quality product.

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