Do you really need a pair of these? Or just one? That depends

Dec 27, 2010 (Updated Jan 13, 2011)
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Pros:No setup required, and no problems.

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: Works exactly as advertised. Does need to be plugged directly into wall outlet, not into a power strip or surge protector.

I bought just one of these, to extend my network to another room.

I already have a pair of them on the lower level of my house. That pair brings a new line into my living room where I have an ethernet  switch that gives me 4 more network lines to plug in.
Those two are from another manufacturer. The "sending" unit is in an office and the "receiving unit" is in a living room well away from the office. When I say sending unit I mean this is the one that the ethernet cable from my source (modem/router) plugs into. The 2nd unit is the remote one that in effect give me Internet somewhere in the house, NOT using wi-fi.

All of my powerline adaptors are rated 85MBPS, which is also known as 10/100. It is not the fastest speed available today, but is working well for me.

I have read that these should work in pairs, and also will work best if on the same circuit.

I have this particular one single unit in a room upstairs and not above the primary one in my office, which I thought might prove a challenge, but I had no problems. Completely different electrical circuits in other words. 

When I plugged it in I immediately observed that it was picking up the LAN signal from my office wi-fi modem. I ran a cable from it to my satellite DVR and blu-ray player and both units almost immediately signed themselves on. 

Actually, there is no signon protocol, no passwords, and no configuration to worry about. This unit simple works, and does so with no other setup than plugging it into a wall outlet.

The speed of the connection is sufficient for streaming video, audio, and TV. I have seen no lag or hesitation.

UPDATE  Jan 2011
A few more observations as I have used this unit for a while now.
I have paired this unit with a Netgear ethernet switch. This is a small rectangular box, made of metal, that the ethernet cable from the powerline unit plugs into. Once I have that cable attached, I am able to take that signal 'out' of the switch using up to 3 more cables for various purposes, such as a DVD player or DVR unit.

It is a lot like an AC extension cord. Plug one line in and get 3 out.

I have been able to watch You Tube videos, download movies to my DVR hard drive, and stream movies from Amazon through their servers. All with no lag, refresh or breakup problems.

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