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Dec 28, 2010
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Pros:Baby is comfortable and happy, versatile carrier, inexpensive

Cons:Difficult to get on and off

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.  This is an OK carrier at a great price.

I bought the Infantino Front2Back Carrier because I desperately wanted one but could not afford the BabyBjorn carrier.  I was excited to know that I could use this carrier with a newborn facing me, an infant facing out, and later as a backpack.  I began using this carrier when my daughter was about 9 pounds.  She loved to go on walks and help me clean the house in it.  She would easily fall asleep because of the head support when facing me.  At 3 months, I flipped her around so she could get a better view of the world.  She absolutely loves it! 

I use this carrier in so many different situations - to clean, go shopping (so that I don't need to drag the stroller or infant car seat in), go on walks, and carry baby around when she is fussy but I have things to do.  My daughter never gets sick of going in this carrier.  She is comfortable and happy.

I, however, do not find it as comfortable.  This is the most difficult carrier to get on.  There are buckles and straps that must be adjusted each and every time you put it on.  The most annoying is the buckle that attaches right between your shoulder blades.  Let me tell you how fun it is to have a baby crying and you are busy trying to get your arms behind your back to try and buckle this awkward strap!  The lumbar support strap comes completely off of the carrier every time I take it off which can be a pain when I bring the carrier somewhere and realize that the strap is at home on my floor! 

Honestly, I am glad I bought this carrier because my baby loves it so much but it definitely has its drawbacks.  For the price, it's decent but if you can afford a better one that is easier to get on and off, I would recommend it.  If you are strapped for cash like me, this will work just fine and your baby will be happy.   You just will have to spend a little extra time getting baby in and out.

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