Bad Quality on new product, slow Warranty Service Dept.

Dec 28, 2010 (Updated Dec 31, 2010)
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Pros:Spaceous-lots of food to now spoil
Icemaker in door- no longer working

Cons:Warranty delays, slow to come to rescue.
SHORT time to break, obviously poor quality issue.

The Bottom Line: I would avoid purchasing this, or any Whirlpool product.  It broke in one month's time.  The Warranty department treated us as second rate, can't send help for2 whole days!!!!!!

We purchased a Whirlpool side by side 25 cubit ft refrigerator on 11/12/10, and it was broken by 12/28/10.  The warranty did not service for two days- what about all of the food?!?!?!  Icemaker had broken, and then refrigerator cooling stopped working.  Who would have thought could give out in so short of a time, and during the holiday season no less, when it's easy for them to make excuses of not servicing for warranty!

First the icemaker broke.  It is in the door-- it seemed so cool, dispensing crushed or cubed ice into your cup, but after about 3 weeks it no longer crushes or dispenses full cubes through the door.  You have to scoop ice out of the box, and it sticks in there.  It keeps filling up and you never use it all when you take ice from the it gets stuck in the bottom where it is supposed to dispense.  We'd delayed calling service as it wasn't an emergency, and it was December-- a busy month and inconvenient to have a repair person come.

But then the refrigerating side went out too!  Who would have thought that this could happen?!??!  We thought we were buying a top brand, great quality.  To make it worse, warranty informed us that they cannot send anyone to fix it for two whole days!  If we'd only had to wait till the following morning, we'd have understood, but two whole days with a refrigerator full of food that cannot be cooled is totally uncool(ha!) and while a quick acting repentant warranty department might have spared Whirlpool's reputation for me, I am now TOTALLY UNSOLD on buying any more of their products in the future, and hugely regretting this purchase.  Plus, I spent a lot at Christmas, now I had to eat out for two days because refrigerator wouldn't store food, and here I'd been hoping to cut back on spending after Christmas.


12/31/10 When warranty came yesterday, they said that it was an electrical board that had gone out and they replaced it.  They said that they will pay some money for the food.  I am not sure how much we will get, but I hope that it is close to what the food is worth.  We had holiday foods and treats in there, unfortunately, and some were expensive.  And they are only reimbursing for food lost because of the refrigerator, NOT for food that we ate out because we could not store food in there for two days while we were waiting for repair guy to arrive!

The warranty guy said "Do not used the crushed ice function in the door any more, only use it for cubes, otherwise it will break."  What a downer!  It won't even do what the label says it will do...!  It is apparently not engineered well enough for that function.

I have been researching other brands, but discovered that Whirlpool owns all of these other brands: Amana, Frigidairre, Jen Aire, Kitchen Aid, .... I think that there were a few others too!  If all the refrigerators are made by the same company, can one expect much different?  Guess not.  It could be we bought a lemon, but it has been the first lemon in refrigerators.  Even my cheap brand lasted 10 years with no issues.... my folks had a few issues with their last Whirlpool, but definitely not this early in the game.

Anyway, the cooling seemed to be going out again today-- (we still have the thermometers that we put in there when we noticed it got warm the first time).  Warranty said that it wouldn't be until Tuesday(4 days!) that they could service it!  Luckily, my parents called their regular repair person and he told them, after hearing details, that it was just doing the defrost cycle. 

Not sure why Warranty didn't figure that out since they so recently replaced a part, and the fact that it would be 4 days this time before they could come also concerns me also.  I'd personally return it and try a different brand, but it is my parent's choice.  I hope my review will help, giving our experiences. 

I rely on reviews whenever I make a major purchase, especially to find out if a lot of people are having problems with something breaking in a short period of time.  My dad on the other hand, relied on the words of several refrigerator sales people!  Anyway, I'll check back to see if people had similar or different experiences from mine to see if maybe we just got a lemon, or if this is common with Whirlpool brands.

Oh, my aunt in Michigan got one of this same type of refrigerators from her college graduate daughter as a gift.  Theirs lasted until a little after the warranty, and then THEIR cooling element went out in the refrigerator part also.  Warranty was kind enough to eat it.  However, a little later it broke again, this time leaving them stuck with the repair cost.  I think my aunt didn't mention it as her daughter lives with her--- didn't want her to overhear my aunt complaining about the gift.  I just wish that so many brands weren't manufactured by the same company, as it makes it very difficult to find an affordable substitute that you can believe will be reliable, if one of their products breaks and they're all built by the same company.

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