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Dec 30, 2010 (Updated Jan 1, 2011)
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Pros:Can swap interfaces with ease,color options,cost of additional interfaces reasonable.

Cons:Larger Capacity drives tend to be pricier than other vendors portables

The Bottom Line: With the ability to swap out interfaces, this makes portable drives upgradeable, and a serious contender.

I love having alot of portable storage. I have several portables for a variety of reasons (data storage, entertainment, etc). As my library grows, the need for an additional (or bigger) portable drive grows.

When I first heard about the GoFlex line from Seagate, I was intrigued. The fact that it can switch from eSata, to USB 3.0, to Firewire peaked my curiosity enough to go check it out. I went to Micro Center and was surprised that the 500GB variety was on sale for $90. I decided to go ahead and purchase it, since I knew if it wasn't worth it, I could bring it back in a few days. I never took it back. I looked at the 1TB model, but it seemed to be pricier than it's counterparts with the locked in interface, yet the model I bought was in line with it's competitors. That hopefully has changed now, but at the time, was a bit of a deal breaker.

I should have know how they achieve the ability to swap out the different transfer specs. The back part of the drive is basically open to the hard drive. Each different adaptor basically connects to SATA connector on the drive itself. A very basic concept, but allows you to adapt the drive as new technologies emerge. Out of the box, it has a USB 2.0 interface. You can purchase additional adaptors for eSata, USB 3.0, and Firewire as well. These run about $20 to $30 each, which makes it fairly inexpensive. The adaptors seem to come off easily when you need to swap them out, but when in use, they are very secure.

The dimensions of this drive are 4" h x 3" w x .5" L. It weighs under a pound, even with the adaptor. This fits well in a computer bag, or even a purse. I do recomend that you get a protective case when traveling, as vibration is a big enemy to hard drives.
But how does the portable work? Fairly well. Transfer speeds are limited to the interface connected. I currently only have the USB 2.0, since I don't have any other interfaces on my laptops at home. Transfer speeds are the norm for a USB 2.0 speed.

There is some software on the drive it self for system backup. Since this particular drive is not used for regular backup, I have not used the software. My previous expirence with Seagate software has been middle of the road at best, so I would expect the same out of this version.

This drive does come in a variety of colors, with Red apparently the most popular. The blue one, which I have, stands out as well, and even has started a conversation or two.

Physical size is in line with other portables I have used and tried.

Bottom line on this drive is that it's a great little portable. With it's ability to change from one transfer standard to another (USB 2.0 to 3.0, eSata, etc.), this portable will not find it's way to the junk pile anytime soon.

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