Great item to have to vacuum hard surfaces!

Dec 31, 2010
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Pros:easy to use, great for quick cleanups

Cons:reservoir for dirt is small, so frequent emptying is necessary. 

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended for anyone with lots of hard surface floors.  Also great for pet hair, cleaning up after kids, and daily cleaning.

this is my second Electrolux vacuum.  My first one was the little red stick vacuum, purchased 2 years ago.  I just got this one for Christmas as I used my other one so much the battery doesn't last long. 

So far, this one really does a great job!  It glides on the floors VERY well.  I still wouldn't use it on carpet though. 

I know there are other stick vacs out there, some are battery operated, but this brand really does a great job.  I also like that there is a removable handheld vac on this for tight corners, cereal spills or crumbs in the couch. 

The charging stand is fairly small, so this vac doesn't take a lot of room to store/charge.  The stand can be mounted on the wall, or can stand on the floor.  The power cord is ok, it's about 4-5 feet long so where ever you put it, make sure you have an outlet nearby. 

This vac has 2 power settings.  One for full power, and another partial power for when you know you're going to be doing a lot of vacuuming (it uses less power which equals more vacuum time before it needs charged again)

It's a must have in a house with lots of hard surface floors!

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