Top 20 "Scorpions" Songs - Greatest Hits 11-20

Nov 9, 2009 (Updated Feb 25, 2011)

The Bottom Line If you like rock/hard rock and have not heard much, or any, of this band then you have missed out on some excellent music. Give them a listen too.

After writing my first list of the the top 10 Scorpions songs, I just had to write another. This band has so many good songs that I had to write a top 20 song list instead and include 11-20. This list will introduce kind of another side of the band with some of their older music that I have always liked and still listen too.

20) White Dove
This is an unreleased song that I have never found but, was put on their 1995 album "Live Bites". Since the new rules that a greatest hits type album has to have at least 2 unreleased songs on it, this was one that they placed on that album. I was happy they put this cause I really enjoy this song. It is not really your typical Scorpions song but, I like slow songs too which is what this is. It is an acoustic slow ballad as the only two guitars you here for most of the song are both acoustic. It starts with a nice slow guitar play that you can just sway too before Klaus starts singing. He sings in a very soft tone but, still hits his higher notes and holds them a second which I have always liked with him. There are no drums until after after the second verse. This beat is slow with a couple of quick drum solo beats. The song introduces some nice background singing with a chorus and introduces the only electric guitar play with a quick solo. It never gets very fast and slows right down after the electric guitar and back to the chorus and the soft drum beat. The song ends with the background chorus, drums, and fades off. The song is very relaxing and has some pretty powerful lyrics. If someone knows of another album this is off of, please let me know. I sure can't find it.

"White dove
Fly with the wind
Take our hope under your wings
For the world to know
That hope will not die
Where the children cry"

19) Steamrock Fever
A song back in the older days of Scorpions from their 1977 album "Taken By Force" is the first rock song on my list. This song is an example why I have always said that they were just ahead of their time, especially in the States, and were not really accepted by the majority at that time. The lyrics of this song basically explain what I am saying as it seems they are saying "be ready for a new style of music because here we are and were are here to stay to stay". The song has kind of a deep dark sound to it but, that does not include the lyrics. This sound comes mainly through a hard deep bass and rhythm guitar playing fast bursts with a fast drum beat during the verses. You won't really hear the lead guitar until the first chorus. This is just quick solo bursts. That is what makes this song intriguing to me, it is how unique it is in it's overall sound. Klaus sounds excellent singing a in kind of a dark tone as well that gets a little higher during the choruses. A solid hard rock song that I still like to listen too even 30 years later.

"We'd like to introduce tonight
The kings of a brand new style
They're hungry to play
We'd like to introduce tonight
The new heavy steamrock style
They're ready to play"

18) Lovedrive
When you name an album from a song then, that cover song better be good. In this case, it is. This is the first of two songs off this album that made my list. It is rather different than the other one that really fits the Scorpions music of old. This is a pretty fast paced song that starts with a quick bass guitar rhythm and a strong beat. There are quick guitar solos between the first couple of versus and choruses. That is until the middle of the song where there is a lengthy solo that sounds great. It is organized and not a bunch of scattered notes played fast and loud. My favorite part of the song. Klaus sings in an up tempo tone throughout the whole song and sounds good. Even an occasional scream which you rarely hear him do much anymore. The song has a very catchy rhythm to it and is just a another solid rock song that band produced. Just a good mood song with fun lyrics and a great song to rock to in the car.

"The city lights of London town
Are far away my hand is on her wing (on her wing)
I stop the car and she gets down
I'd like to show why Scorpions got a sting"

17) Coming Home
The first song of many that make my list from their hit album "Love At First Sting". Scorpions sing quite a few songs where they gear the lyrics to the crowed. This one reason why they have always been excellent in concert. This is one of those songs. However, this song is basically a two part-er and is quite unique. The first half of the song is very slow with just some soft rhythm guitar play and quiet soft lyrics being sung by Klaus. This is actually quite beautiful and really shows how good of a voice he really has and the range he's got. The lyrics are basically a couple of separate choruses until the song introduces the lead guitar the leads up to the change in the second half. There is a slight pause then "bang" the drums are introduced, both guitars are playing a much faster rhythm, and Klaus sings in a much more forceful tone. It is basically two songs put together as one all though the lyrics are still as one with the same meaning. The second half supports some excellent guitar play and solos, a beat that really gets your blood flowing, and some fun lyrics. An excellent song to play anywhere and just awesome "love". Just imagine a rock ballad and a hard rock song combined into one song and two halves and that is Coming Home.

"Day after day out on the road
There's no place too far that we wouldn't go
We go wherever you like
To rock'n roll"

16) Blackout
Another cover song from their album "Blackout". It is a very fast paced song that starts right off with a bang. Strong rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, and a fast pace drum beat all together is what gets this song started. Klaus also sings this song in a higher and faster tone to accompany everything that is going on with the music because there is a lot that is happening during this song. The song does have a rhythm for the first half, then it kind of looses that with a couple of separate fast guitar solos and Klaus rather screaming at the end. Still, the song is just fun and the lyrics leave nothing to wonder as for the example I give. A great cover hard rock song that helped this band get a name for themselves in the States.

"I realize I missed a day
But I'm too wrecked to care anyway
I look around and see this face
What the hell have I lost my taste"

15) Lonely Nights
From their 1993 album "Face The Heat" comes another nice rock ballad by them named Lonely Nights. Scorpions kind of starting getting out their roots and changed a little with their albums but, this song has a lot of their old style in it. The song starts with a nice soft bass guitar and a beautiful acoustic guitar. Klaus starts singing in that softer tone holding his ending notes for a second or two which he does so well. There are no drums and this continues through the first verse. The chorus puts this in a rock ballad as the there are some firm drums (not fast just firm), he starts singing in a more forceful tone, and an electric guitar is introduced but neither are over powering nor to much. The song drifts back to the original verse but, the drums stay and the electric guitar has a quick rhythm to it. This stays until after the second chorus then the lead guitar has a nice solo that doesn't last too long but fits. The song finishes strong with more choruses. It is a very catchy rock ballad and the words have a lot of meaning to certain people. Just another great rock ballad from a band that does them as well as anyone and has for many years!

"I go back to the places we've been
It feels like you're still there
I live all those moments again
Wishing you were here"

14) The Sails Of Charon
Another faster song from their album "Taken By Force". This one has always stood out to me because it is just really catchy and sticks with you after you hear it. The song starts off with a very catchy lead guitar rhythm which just changes to a bass guitar that gets a littler deeper in volume. Then back to the lead with a nice solo. This all before the first lyric is sung and already has me into the song with the beat and rhythm a lone. There is really only one verse and that's at the beginning and the rest is just a couple of different choruses. Still, the song manages to keep the same very catchy rhythm with nice lead guitar kind of scattered throughout the rest of the song. It never looses it's rhythm even though is may sound a bit sporadic at times. Klaus sings with a much more forceful tone throughout the song and of course he has the range to sound just fine do that. It really doesn't sound like a song that is a little over 4:00 minutes long because it just seems to be a much shorter song. Still, a song that maybe not everyone remembers, or maybe never heard from them but, one that if your a rock fan you should listen too. It has stood the test of time with at least me.

"Dark night, there is no light
In the realm of the black magic man
Soul's flight into the cold blight
Of the destroyer's magic land"

13) When The Smoke Is Going Down
Another song off the album "Blackout" comes a beautiful soft rock ballad in When The Smoke Is Going Down. This one starts slow, and stays slow, throughout the entire song. It pretty much consists of one rhythm guitar, Klaus singing in a soft tone, and a very soft drum beat. This is an excellent combination. There is an occasional bass guitar that makes short appearances that are definitely stronger and more powerful than rest but, never takes the song out of it's slower tone or pace and don't last ling. There really is no lead guitar the one solo towards the end is slower and more of quick picks than an actual solo. The rhythm guitar that you here the entire song is what really gets you into this song. And of course, the singing of Klaus when he hits those softer notes then holds the higher notes that he does so well. He really shows off some good range here. Flat out, this song is beautiful and another reason why they call "rock ballads", rock ballads. A song that can't be overlooked and one you may find yourself playing quite often.

"This is the place where I belong
I really love to turn you on
I've got your sound still in my ear
While your traces disappear"

12) Crossfire
My first song that makes my list from the album "Love At First Sting" is a song that I really like the meaning more than anything else. Don't get me wrong though, the music is good too. As I mention in my first list, being from Germany singing in the 70's and 80' the Scorpions have a wrote a few songs on their dislike for war, and is one of them. The song starts with an excellent military march beat with some strong drums. This is followed by a nice rhythm guitar and then a lead guitar powering through with another nice rhythm. Then everything fades away as Klaus starts with the lyrics. His tone is strong but not loud and keeps with the rhythm of the song. Midway through the song, the drums keep that same beat but, gets much stronger. The rhythm guitar is going throughout the whole song with just a a couple of slow strums. Then the lead guitar comes in for a a quick solo towards the end and continues off and on till the end of the song. The lyrics have a nice to the point meaning and are not over the top. Overall, the song maybe not for the ages but, still makes my list as I enjoy hearing it from time to time. Also, there is a re-make of this song that by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra that is also every nice and worth looking up.

"Why cannot people that we made the leaders of the world
Understand, that we don't wanna fight
Understand, that we are mush too young to die
Understand, no one will survive
Understand, that we love our life"

11) Big City Nights
Another song from their album "Love At First Sting" and yet another reason why that album was one of the best albums ever released. "Big City Nights" is a song that just has a very catchy rhythm to it and gets your body swaying with your knee playing the beat. The song starts with a nice guitar riff, strong beat (but not overdone), and the lyrics will bring you back to your later teen years. It doesn't vary much between verses and choruses except of the tone Klaus uses to sing the lyrics and some quick fast guitar solos. Towards the end of the song is really the only major change throughout. There is a quick slow down followed by a nice lengthy guitar solo then the song finish out with the choruses. The song is just a solid rock song which keeps your mood subtle. It stands out as top notch one from the band and is still well known today.

"Big city, big city nights
You keep me burning
Big city, big city nights
Always yearning"

If you have not head of this group, or just have not heard much from them, check them out. They are labeled as a hard rock band but, have plenty of rock ballads with enough variety that no matter what you prefer, you will find songs from them that you like. They have songs for each and every mood that you may be in and just some of the best songs I have heard to date. A group that is a worthy addition to one of the best bands of all time.

Thank you for reading.

The Band
Vocals: Klaus Meine
Guitars: Rudolf Schenker
Guitars: Matthias Jabs
Drums: James Kottak
Bass: Pawel Maciwoda

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