Top 20 "Scorpions" Songs - Greatest Hits 1-10

Nov 10, 2009 (Updated Feb 25, 2011)

The Bottom Line If you like rock/hard rock and have not heard much, or any, of this band then you have missed out on some excellent music. Give them a listen too.

My all time favorite band is The Scorpions on the sheer amount of hits they have had over there very long career. Starting in the early 70's in Germany, they were not well known in the States until their 1980 album "Animal Magnetism. They made their big splash in the States with their 1982 album "Blackout". With hits like "No One Like You", "Can't Live Without You", "Blackout", and "When The Smoke Is Going Down" they finally got their International recognition they always wanted. Then they backed that album up with an even better one with the 1984 release of "Love At First Sting" which had some of the best music I have ever heard. They had a small handful of hits, Like "Holiday" before this time but, where not really recognized until the 80's in the States. They were just ahead of their time in the 70's as their hard rock style was really not accepted in the States at that time. However, their unique style was an instant hit in Germany and Klaus Meine was always wanting to go International writing all of his own music and singing their songs in English. With other bands starting to come out in the 80's singing this genre of music (Def Leppard, Iron Maidon, Bon Jovi, etc..) they started to fit right in. The bands mentioned before really got help with their starts as each of them toured with The Scorpions when they were first getting recognized as power house bands. Scorpions were voted in an exclusive club of the worlds greatest 30 rock bands. The band made their biggest contribution to the hard rock genre during the 80's and make my #1 top 80's band without a doubt.

A rock band can't be a huge success (in my opinion) without a lead singer that has a strong and unique voice or they have songs that have unique beats that vary and don't sound repetitive. Scorpions has both and they showcase that with some very impressive variety of ballads throughout their years. Lead singer, Klaus Meine, has a powerful and unique voice capable of singing metal ballads like "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and he can go to a more subtle and relaxing tone to sing songs like "Still Loving You". He has a very high range of tone that can hit high and low end notes at a drop of a hat. I can't think of a band that has more variety in sound, lyrics, and rhythm as The Scorpions and they do them all perfect. They are the birth of the Hard Rock genre overseas and I still listen to them rather often today.

10) "Can't Live Without You"
Can't Live Without Out not only features the rock side of the Scorpions, but also their ability to put a quick storyline together in a song. This is more of a song that would be better hearing live (which is what the lyrics are all about) or while at a party so you can bump the person next to you while your dancing with the beat. From their 1982 release album Blackout this just a fun song that is best heard while in a good mood. It starts right off with a faster beat and stays there for the entire song. The beat, rhythm, lyrics, and quick and scattered solos are what keep this song moving at a fast pace from start to finish. It not a "metal" song by any means, just a true hard rock song that sneaks in on my list at #10 because it is one of the ones that got me listening to them at the start. The song is just fun to listen and can also be heard while driving on a nice summer day. With all of their hits since this song was released, a lot of Scorpions fans tend to forget about this one. I won't as it may not their best, just a nice hard rock song that fits the style of Scorpions and gave you an idea of what would follow in the years to come.

"Put your hands in the air
So I can see you are there
I wanna see all your lights shining on
Want you to stand up and dance
Gonna leave you no chance
To take a breath between each single song"

9) No Pain No gain
The newest song, and loudest by them on my list, is from the 1993 album release "Face The Heat" called No Pain No Gain. I probably have heard this song over the years more than any other song by them just because this is the best workout song I have ever heard and play it every workout. This song starts fast and strong and stays that way from start to finish and is true hard rock. Still, this is not from just fast guitar solos or screaming lyrics but, it's done with an extremely strong and catchy beat and some great guitar play that is not just sporadic. There is a lot going on with the drums, different quick guitar solos, rhythm, and powerful lyrics but, they all sound good together. What puts this song on my list is the excellent drums and Klaude showing his range really giving you an idea of what he is capable of singing. Most songs that will make my list he sings more softer and has moments of power in his voice, this song it's all power and he still sounds good. If you want another workout song, or just want to hear a song that can get the blood flowing, then look this one up. You maybe surprised as I was the first time I heard it.

"No time for losers you make the call
Believe in yourself stand tall
Another day it's in your hand
You can be the winner in the end"

8) The Zoo
This is one of their songs that put them on the map to me back in 1980 off their album "Animal Magnetism". This is not a song that was played to death on the radio or had a lot of public publicity outside of you hearing it from the album itself. It just always has stood out to me as why they were ahead of their when they first came out. It leaves nothing ponder as it starts with some heavy guitar and one of the most catchy beats I have ever heard. The use of guitar and drum together in this song it what makes it that way. Klaus Meine gets into a more sexier voice with this one, as the lyrics are intended, and sings them more provocatively as their others songs during the verses. The verses also keep that catchy rhythm. The choruses introduce a more powerful lead guitar with spurts of quick and fast solos along with a stronger tone of lyrics. In Between the verses and choruses is another area where the song stands out with some very unique guitar play. The song definitely shows The Scorpions faster side and does it in a very unique and well put together way. Just a fun song to put in and if your not in a good mood, you probably will be when it's over.

"I meet my girl, she's dressed to kill
And all we gonna do
Is walk around to catch the thrill
On streets we call the zoo"

7) Send Me An Angel
This is the slowest and softest song that makes my list and comes off their album "Crazy World". Send Me An Angel is just a song that you close your eyes too, lean back, sing along, and get a mental picture of your choosing from the music. One of the bands best ballad featuring words that will really make you think. This slow song has great guitar presence along with some awesome background music. I like camping and being out in the woods and with the words and the way thing song is put together, it is one of the best songs to be in the mountains with nothing going on around you and just think while listening. The song starts a beautiful soft guitar rhythm accompanied by soft electric organ play. Right from the beginning, you feel at piece. It stays true to this as the same guitar plays throughout and just a touch of a slow powerful beat. What moves this song is the meaning of the lyrics. They can be taken in different ways depending on you. This is just a very relaxing ballad that may depend on your mood whether you want to hear it or not. Just a well put together ballad that anyone can listen to now matter your preference of music.

"The wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns"

6) "Rhythm Of Love"
Rhythm Of Love is my favorite song of their album "Savage Amusement" and comes in at #6. Another song with an excellent beat, solid guitar, and great words. Just a great song to listen to when your in a good mood and want to sing. It starts with an excellent powerful and catchy beat along with a quick guitar solo. Then levels off into some softer lyrics that Klaus Meine does so well. The verses are very catchy with just the drums and some deep rhythm guitar. The Choruses are not much faster but, has a stronger tone with nice drum reps throughout them. Of course, then you get into a nice little guitar solos that come in and out and lasts pretty much till the song ends. It just doesn't over power the beat or stands out in a way it shouldn't. What makes this song stand out so much is just the simple fact that it is just so catchy. The song stays true to this throughout and is just one of those songs you can't help but getting into while listening.

"The rhythm of love
Keeps me dancing on the road
The rhythm of love
Got the groove that hits the bone
The rhythm of love
Is the game I'm looking for
The rhythm of love
Is the heartbeat of my soul"

5) "No One Like You"
The way this one starts you automatically think it will be a very fast paced rock song with heavy guitar and a strong beat. That is not the case. It basically is a short guitar solo that quickly changes to a more softer ballad. However, that only last for the verses where the lyrics are sung in a more soft tone with a slower and deep rhythm. The choruses are at a much faster pace, like the beginning, and keeps this song changing tones and beats at a rather rapid pace. Normally, a song like this would not be one that I would like changing as fast as it does. However, there is an exception to ever rule and for me, this song is that exception. None of the different paces are so different that they dint have a place in the song and they fit very nicely with the lyrics themselves. Also, both rhythms and singing tones are very catchy. With the lyrics being well thought out and meaningful (A man how doesn't want to leave his lady), the different tones in the guitars, beats, and they way the tone of the singing makes this song very unique. You can just tell that there was a lot of thought and effort into putting this song together and they did it very well. This is a song that will stand out in your mind long after you her it just because of how catchy it is to hear it. A great song that maybe deserves to me higher on my list but, top 5 is still good.

"There's no one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we'll do
I just wanna be loved by you"

4) "Wind Of Change"
Being from Germany in the 70's and 80's this band witnessed their share of "war time" and some of their music reflects on that. This is one of those songs and is done extremely well. This one being off their album "Crazy World" is my favorite song off that album. This was an instant hit for the band the first time it was aired on the radio (which was a lot). The song really is beautiful to listen to with soft guitar play, soft toned lyrics, and catchy short drum beats. What really stands out to me, is the nice placed little drum solos between a lot of the spaces in the lyrics. The song has a very unique beginning with Klaus Meine whistling in harmony with a soft playing guitar. This surprisingly sounds really good together and sets an early tone for the rest of the song nicely. The soft guitar play and very catchy choruses keep this song flowing at a nice and relaxing pace. Even though it has very powerful lyrics with a lot of meaning, it stands on it's own on music a lone. This is because everything in this rock ballad is put together in a nice package. This includes a guitar solo that doesn't change the pace of the song at all. It is just one that you flick on your lighter, sway it back and forth, and sing right along. Another one that has stood the test of time.

"The world is closing in
Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers
The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change"

3) Holiday
Off their album "Lovedrive" this next song really ties with my and favorite song by them. Being more of a rock/metal listener, I tend to lead towards the faster songs a little more. Holiday, like "Still Loving You", is a very unique song when it comes to presentation. The song is a soft rock ballad and one of those that you get your lighter out and sway back and forth while listening too. The song starts with a beautiful soft guitar rhythm that continues through the first half of song. This is accompanied with some excellent acoustic guitar riffs and soft long notes by Klaus Meine. The song is just beautiful for the first half and extremely relaxing to listen too. There are no drums or beat at all, just acoustic guitar and a Klaus Meine showing his range in vocals. However, this does only last the first half of song. After the second chorus, the song introduces some powerful drums and and much harder guitar. This does not take away the soft ballad tone of the song in anyway as neither one is too fast. It really just enhances the lyrics that follow and just makes the song even more unique. After the lyrics, the song drifts back into it's softer side with the same acoustic guitar as it started with some excellent quick guitar solos as the song fades. This is one of those songs that, it just doesn't matter what genre of music you listen too, you will probably appreciate this song and like the way it moves you.

"Exchange your troubles for some love
Wherever you are
Let me take you far away
You'd like a holiday"

2) "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
Off their album, "Love At First Sting", comes my second favorite by them in a hard rock song Rock You Like A Hurricane. If this song can't pump up a room in a hurray, I don't know what can. This song stands out more than others on just sheer power alone. The song starts off with a great guitar riff, followed by a sweet deep drum beat, then a fast guitar solo leaving nothing to wonder what kind of a song this is. The lyrics leaves nothing to ponder either as they are very blunt and just speak of a man ready to "rock" a lady like a Hurricane. It has an extremely catchy beat, excellent guitar play, great lyrics, and a beat that stays in your head long after you hear it. The song does slow down at times and Klaus Meine goes into a softer deeper more powerful tone. This only lasts until the solos where he sings strong again and pumps it back up. The song supports an one of the best guitar solos I have ever heard and one of the best beats. This is one for the ages and is still standing the test of time.

"The b!tch is hungry
she needs to tell,
so give her inches
and feed her well"

1) Still Loving You
My #1 song by these guys is also from the album "Love At First Sting" and the one that probably stands out most to anyone that has heard any music by them. Being one of my favorite songs of all time, this is definitely my favorite song The Scorpions ever released. This is where the band shows they can slow it down and play some powerful, more romantic, lyrics and music. It has a very unique style to the music rhythm and the way the lyrics are sung. It will always be one of my all time favorite romantic songs. It has your typical meaning for a song, man looses his girl and not happy about it but, the lyrics stand out as something special in the way they come across how a man wants his lady back. The song starts off with two soft guitar riffs that intertwine with one another with no beat. Then comes some very soft powerful lyrics, spoken softly and still no beat followed by a nice soft guitar solo. When the beat hits the song speeds up a little. The chorus is strong and heavier than the rest of the song which fits perfectly. This song has probably one of the best endings and most powerful endings that I have ever heard. You can't hear this song without having tingles in your veins and if you don't, you need to check your pulse. This rock ballad became an international rock anthem that is still very well known even after 20yrs.

"Your pride has built a wall, so strong
That I can't get through
Is there really no chance
To start once again"

If you have not head of this group, or just have not heard much from them, check them out. They are labeled as a hard rock band but, have plenty of rock ballads with enough variety that no matter what you prefer, you will find songs from them that you like. They have songs for each and every mood that you may be in and just some of the best songs I have heard to date. A group that is a worthy addition to one of the best bands of all time.

Thank you for reading.

The Band
Vocals: Klaus Meine
Guitars: Rudolf Schenker
Guitars: Matthias Jabs
Drums: James Kottak
Bass: Pawel Maciwoda

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