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Jan 2, 2011 (Updated Jan 3, 2011)
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Pros:*Really gets clothes clean
*No vent or 220V outlet needed
*It's relatively quiet

Cons:*Dry time
*Dry time......that's the only con.

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent choice for living spaces where a conventional washer/dyer can not be installed.

OK so this Washer/Dryer combo has a good and bad review so far. However I really think the person who gave it a bad review expected to much and is using it the wrong way.

This combo is great for small/tight spaces such as condos, apartments, duplexes, etc. as well as anywhere there is no dyer vent or 220V dryer outlet. Yes it can sometimes take a while to dry your clothes (depending on the load size) but for the above mentioned living spaces it sure beats having to go do coin laundry for hours. You just put your cloths and detergent in, select your settings, walk away and when you come back it is done.

So some of the things I like about this machine are:
*I can really tell my clothes are cleaner when I take them out.
*no need for a 220V dryer outlet, it works off of a regular 110V outlet.
*no need for a dryer vent.
*I can put a load in walk away and forget about it. When I come back they are not all mildewy.
*It has a 4 hour fluff after the load is done to prevent wrinkles if you are not around to take the clothes out right away.
*It's relatively quiet, the only time it really makes noise is on the spin cycle, but no more noise than any other washer I've used.

Some things I don't like about it:
*The time it takes to dry. But like I said it beats coin laundry and really what can you expect, it uses less voltage and is ventless.
*Sometimes the cycle stops before they are all the way dry. But again what can you expect....If they are not dry enough just start the dryer up for longer and come back later.
**Also note if you read the owners manual the wash cycle is capable of washing twice as much as the dry cycle. So if you have a problem with drying maybe you are putting to much in.

I really like this machine. Before I got it I had to drive ten minutes to the coin laundry-mat, and spend hours there. Now I have the luxury of doing laundry at home. I get the best use of this machine by putting a load in and running it overnight, or in the morning and coming back to get it at lunch.

OK, to answer some questions I've gotten since posting the above;

I really don't think that two of these units would make a good substitution for a regular washer and dryer if you do have the hook-ups and space for them.
   Reason being is that it does take allot longer to complete an average size load, anywhere from 3-5 hours. So with two units it'd still take maybe 5 hours for two loads. Where as with a regular washer at 30 minutes and dyer at an hour, if you are on top of your cycles you could get four loads done in 4.5 hours.
   Now keeping that in mind; If you are the type of person that puts a load in the wash, walks away and forgets about it only to come back and find your clothes mildewy then it would be a good washer in tandem with a dryer. If you only do a wash cycle this unit takes no more than 30 minutes, and the wash gets laundry really clean.
   Also keep in mind that it can wash double what it is capable of  drying. So in tandem, ideally you could wash an over-sized load of regular clothes, switch them into the dryer, and put in a smaller load of delicates. The delicates would get done shortly after the larger load saving you the wait time on the dryer.

Options; Here are the options as you can select them from left to right:
*Wash Type; Small to Normal to Bulky, etc.
*Start/Pause; Allows you to pause and add laundry or change settings.
*Water Temperature; Cold/Cold to Extra Hot (over 158F)/Cold.
*Spin Cycle; No Spin to Extra High (1200RPMs), of course on Extra High your laundry will dry faster.
*Soil Level; Light to Heavy, I think this will add wash time.
*Dry Cycle; Low Temp. to 120 Mins.
*Prewash/Childlock; just an On or Off, default is Off.
*Drum Light
*Extra Rinse; just an On or Off, default is Off.
*Stain Cycle/Spinsense; just an On or Off, default is Off. Spinsense helps prevent unpleasant vibration.
*Water Plus; just an On or Off, default is Off.
***To Note: If you just want to wash, when you turn it on only select a wash cycle. If you just want to dry, when you turn it on only select a dry cycle. Otherwise if you select wash and dry cycles it will automatically switch after the final spin is done. That simple. You can check LG's website and download the user manual if you want

As far as where the drying air goes, I'm not sure exactly how this one works. But it does use "Ventless Condensing" meaning the air is typically recycled past a cooler that pulls the moisture out and drained. These systems have been used in Europe and Asia for years. You can read more about how they work at

The power source can only be 120V, 12 Amps. If you were to try to hook it into 220V, my guess would be that you'd fry the power supply/circuitry. The alternate 220V is common in Europe and other countries, if you really want a 220V model I'm sure you could find one.

According to LG it only weighs 201 lbs at Dimensions (WxHxD) of 27” x 38 11/16” x 29 3/4” so it's not much heavier or larger than a regular front-loading washer.

The LG recommended price is $1569, still not much more than a regular high-end washer, and less than paying for both a high-end washer and dryer together.

It does vibrate and makes noise during the spin cycle (1200RPMs) but no more than I've experienced with any other washer. Also the spin cycle is some what shorter than normal. My place is small, I can hear my neighbors on both sides if I listen closely, the spin cycle does not bother anyone. In fact at night the dogs come in and sleep in the same room sometimes while it's going and it doesn't bother them one bit.

Hope this update helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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